Best Rechargeable Fans & Prices in Nigeria (2023)

Best Rechargeable Fans in Nigeria

The prices of best rechargeable fans in Nigeria will form the major information in this post.

Best rechargeable fans & Prices in Nigeria

Advancements in technology has led to invention and manufacture of fan backed by dry cells.

These fans are popularly known as rechargeable fans. Rechargeable fans work both with electricity and also with dry cells.

However, the major feature and attraction of this fan is the chargeable and rechargeable options of this type of fan.

Rechargeable fans are newest innovation in the industry, though their prices can be considered high.

Rechargeable fans are able to work without electricity provided they are charged.

There are many electronics companies that are into production and manufacture of rechargeable fans.

These rechargeable fans has gradually become dominant in Nigeria markets.

In this article, we will be providing the list of best rechargeable fans in Nigeria as well as the price of best long lasting rechargeable fans in Nigeria.

Also to be contained in this blog post is the prices of best rechargeable hand fans in Nigeria market.

Rechargeable Fans in Nigeria & Prices

The price and cost of rechargeable fans in Nigeria is largely based on quality.

Rechargeable fans with long lasting batteries usually cost more than the general market price for fans with lesser batteries.

Also, the standing rechargeable fan price is far higher than the price of table top or hand rechargeable fans in Nigeria.

What will be contained in the next segment of this post is the price of long lasting best rechargeable standing fans in Nigeria.

Lontor Rechargeable Fan – N35,000 – N47,000

Lontor rechargeable fan is one of the best rechargeable fans in Nigeria.

The electronics company is into manufacture of top best rechargeable standing fans in Nigeria as well as table top and hand rechargeable fans.

The price of Lontor rechargeable fan starts from N35,000 for Lontor standing fans.

Lontor table top and hand rechargeable fans price in Nigeria starts from N2800 and above.

Lontor rechargeable fans has long lasting battery feature which makes it effective and reliable for circulation of air.

Binatone Rechargeable Fan – N42,000 – N65,000

Binatone rechargeable fan is among the best rated long lasting rechargeable standing fans in Nigeria.

Binatone Rechargeable fans come in a sleek design with remote control and fluorescence light.

Binatone rechargeable fans can last for over 15 hours when fully charged.

The price of Binatone standing fans starts from N42,000 up depending on model being purchased.

This is just as Binatone table top and hand rechargeable fans price starts from N6000.

Qasa Rechargeable Fan – N25,000 – N40,000

The price of Qasa rechargeable standing fan in Nigeria starts from N25,000.

Qasa is top performing rechargeable fan in Nigeria markets.

Qasa reachargeable fan is prominent for its long and strong batteries.

It is also popular for its giant and big size. Qasa hand rechargeable fan price in Nigeria starts from N4500.

Century Rechargeable Fan – N30,000 – N55,000

Century rechargeable fans comes in different sizes as well as models.

It is a very good and strong rechargeable fan in Nigeria with long lasting battery.

The price of Century rechargeable fan in Nigeria starts from N30,000.

This price will go higher especially when purchasing the higher models of Century rechargeable fans.

Nexus Rechargeable Fan – N40,000 – N70,000

Nexus rechargeable fan is one of the best ranked rechargeable fans in Nigeria.

It comes mostly in 16″ with long lasting batteries which can operate on for 30 hrs on low. It also comes with LED lights.

The price of Nexus Rechargeable standing fan starts from N40,000.

Sonitec Rechargeable Fan – N20,000 – N39,000

Sonitec rechargeable fans comes in both standing and table top.

The price of Sonitec rechargeable fan start from N20,000 for Sonitec table top rechargeable fans.

While Sonitec standing fan price cost between N30,000 – N39,000 depending on where it is being purchased.

Sonitec rechargeable fans makes the list of best rechargeable fans in Nigeria.

OX Rechargeable Fan – N40,000 – N69,000

The price of OX rechargeable fans starts from N40,000 up to above N60,000.

OX rechargeable comes in different inches and models.

It also comes with a remote control and other features like LED lights.

It is one of the best rechargeable fans with strong battery capacity in Nigeria.

Sonik Rechargeable Fan – N40,000 – N50,000

Sonik Rechargeable fans are of three categories: Sonik rechargeable standing fan, sonik table top rechargeable fan and sonik hand rechargeable fan.

All these Sonik rechargeable fans comes with different prices.

The price of Sonik standing rechargeable fans starts from N40,000 depending on the models and location of purchase.

The price of Sonik hand rechargeable fan in Nigeria starts from N4000 while Sonik rechargeable table top fan price starts from N8000.

Sonik rechargeable fans has high speed which makes air circulation effective.

Its battery life is strong and all these makes Sonik one of the best rechargeable fan in Nigeria.

Duravolt Rechargeable Fan – N20,000 – N40,000

The price of Duravolt rechargeable fan starts from N40,000 for Duravolt standing rechargeable fan and N20,000 for Duravolt table top rechargeable fan.

It is a top rechargeable fan with good and long lasting batteries.

Andrakk Rechargeable Fan – N50,000 – N70,000

Andrakk is also in the league of best rechargeable fans in Nigeria.

The price of Andrakk rechargeable fan starts from N50,000.

It comes in different models and the models determines the price too.

Andrakk is one of the rechargeable fans with the highest long lasting batteries and cells.


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