Best Rechargeable Wireless Hair Clippers & Prices in Nigeria

Advancements in technology has seen an increase in the use of rechargeable cordless hair clippers in Nigeria.

These hair clippers are different from the traditional old model clippers which used wires and cords connected to electricity source before use.

The wireless clippers are rechargeable hair clippers which can be used without being connected to power source provided they are charged.

So, the wireless hair clippers are portable and can be used flexibly irrespective of the power status of your location.

Most top clipper brands and electronics companies has gone into production and manufacture of rechargeable cordless hair clippers .

Because of the status of the clipper which is rechargeable, users look out most for the best and long lasting rechargeable hair clippers.

This is why this post is geared towards the review of the best rechargeable wireless hair clippers in Nigeria.

Also, we will provide how much rechargeable hair clippers are sold in Nigeria.

How much is The Price of Rechargeable Cordless Hair Clippers in Nigeria?

From our findings and survey, the cost of wireless hair clippers in Nigeria is largely decided by brands, specifications and overall quality.

The major quality people look out for when buying rechargeable hair clippers is the battery capacity and blades quality.

This is why rechargeable hair clippers like Oraimo, Kiki and wahl wireless clippers are some of the best rechargeable hair clippers.

The cheapest good quality cordless rechargeable hair clippers in Nigeria cost average of N18,000.

Some top brand’s of cordless hair clippers like Wahl clippers cost average of N110,000 in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, some models of rechargeable hair clippers can be gotten at price of about N12,000.

This type of hair clippers are usually for personal use ahs shaving.

Below is the list of best wireless rechargeable hair clippers and their prices in Nigeria.

Price of Best Cordless Hair Clippers in Nigeria

Here are some of the best rechargeable hair clippers in Nigeria and their prices.

These wireless hair clippers have long lasting battery and is very durable and can be used to barb hair seamlessly.

These rechargeable clippers are also the best to use for barbing salons.

Price of Cordless Wahl Hair Clippers in Nigeria – N110,000 – N140,000

Rechargeable Wahl hair clippers remain the best cordless hair clippers available in Nigeria.

It comes in different models and cost difference prices which is between N110,000 and N140,000.

Wahl wireless clippers are renowned for its long battery life, quality and sharp blades as well as general ruggedness.

It is the best rechargeable hair clippers in Nigeria.

Price of Oraimo Rechargeable Hair Clippers – N12,000 – N37,000

Oraimo cordless or wireless hair clippers is one of the best rechargeable hair clippers in Nigeria.

Just like Wahl, Oraimo rechargeable clippers comes in different models for different prices.

The cheapest wireless Oraimo hair clippers cost about N12,000 while the Oraimo cordless professional hair clippers is about N37,000.

It is the most popular wireless hair clippers in Nigeria and is highly sought after too.

Price of Kiki Rechargeable Hair Clippers – N10,000 – N20,000

Kiki wireless hair clippers is also in high use in Nigeria.

This is owing to the cost effectiveness of Kiki cordless hair clippers in Nigeria which starts from N10,000 down to N20,000 depending on the model being purchased as well as it’s specifications.

Kiki rechargeable hair clippers is of numerous models.

It is a good rechargeable hair clippers for barbing hair especially the top model ones which is sold at about N20,000.

HTC Wireless Hair Clippers Prices- N18,000 to N22,000

HTC cordless hair clippers is ranked amongst the best rechargeable hair clippers in Nigeria.

The hair clippers comes with digital display for its power usage and recharging.

It is a high performing rechargeable wireless hair clippers in Nigeria.

The price of HTC wireless clippers starts from N18,000 depending on the purchasing outlet.

Price of Wmark Rechargeable Hair Clippers – N13,000 to N15,000

The Wmark rechargeable hair clippers in Nigeria is highly rated and listed among best rechargeable hair clippers in Nigeria.

Its price ranges between N13,000 to N15,000. It also has digital display which can be used to assess its power usage and recharging.

GTS Cordless Hair Clippers Price – N25,000 – N30,000

GTS which is a renowned hair clipper brand also have some cool models of rechargeable hair clippers.

GTS rechargeable clipper is one of the most rugged rechargeable clippers and lasts very long when fully charged.

The cheapest GTS rechargeable hair clippers price is about N15,000 while the top quality ones cost between N25,000 and N30,000.

It is one of our recommended cordless hair clippers of high quality.

Kemei Rechargeable Hair Clippers Price – N18,000 to N36,000

Kemei is one of the best and good performing cordless rechargeable hair clippers to buy in Nigeria.

It has separate models which ranges from Kemei professional cordless hair clippers and personal kemei cordless clipper.

While The price of Kemei professional rechargeable hair clippers is about N18,000, the Kemei hair trimmer and smaller rechargeable clippers is about N12,000.

It is one of the best rechargeable hair clippers for barbing salons and professional use too.


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