Best Sewing Machines in Nigeria & Prices (2023)

This article will contain the prices & cost of best sewing machines in Nigeria.

Price of best sewing machines in Nigeria

It is a review of the best sewing machines to buy in Nigeria.

Sewing machines in Nigeria is of different qualities and brands.

It is important to consider only sewing machines of best quality when purchasing in Nigeria.

Sewing machines are very important especially in Africa where we make special clothing design correlating to our culture.

Making of African native wears and other wears are made possible through the use of sewing machines.

Irrespective of sewing machine brand, the price and how much sewing machines are sold in Nigeria is generally expensive.

This is also why it is important that only long lasting sewing machines in Nigeria should be considered.

In this blog post, the cost of best and strong sewing machines in Nigeria will be discussed.

Price of Best Sewing Machines in Nigeria

Some of the best sewing machines in Nigeria are among the most popular and highly used sewing Machines in Nigeria.

The best sewing machines in Nigeria are those that makes the job of tailors and dress makers easier.

These best sewing machines provide efficient and seamless sewing service when being operated upon or used.

Below is the list and price of some best sewing machines in Nigeria like butterfly sewing machine.

Butterfly Sewing Machine Price- N75,000

Butterfly sewing machine is arguably the best sewing machine to buy in Nigeria.

It no doubt the most popular and most used sewing machine in Nigeria.

Butterfly sewing machine comes in different models and types.

Butterfly sewing machine has both manual butterfly sewing machine and electrical butterfly sew machines.

The average cost price of butterfly sewing machine in Nigeria currently is N75,000.

It is very easy to use and maintain. It is a good sewing machine for starters, those still learning sewing and professionals. .

Brother FS155 Computerized Sewing Machine Price – N150,000

Brother FS155 sewing machine is ranked one of the best sewing machines in Nigeria.

This sewing machine is renowned for its highly performance and multiple funtions.

It is a highly mechanized sewing machine which carries buttons and keys.

It has numerous inbuilt stitches and character stitches.

Some of its notable features which makes it one of the best cloth sewing machine are:fast bubbing winding system, 8 button holes, monochrome LCD displays, over 90 inbuilt stitches among other features.

The average cost price of Brother FS155 sewing machine in Nigeria is N150,000.

Emel Sewing Machine Price – N130,000

Emel industrial sewing machine is ranked among high quality sewing machines in Nigeria.

It is very good and high performing sewing machine suitable for both professionals and amateurs.

Emel sewing machines is very good at fast sewing as it has speed and precision.

It is not suprising that the price of Emel sewing machine in Nigeria is around N130,000.

It is a good sewing machine that can last for years if handled with care.

With Emel sewing machines, you are bound to have wonderful and seamless sewing experience.

Two-Lion Sewing Machine Price – N60,000

Another one of very best sewing machines in Nigeria sold for price of around 50k to 60k Is Two-Lion sewing machine.

It is one of the cheapest sewing machines in Nigeria for starters and those planing to buy sewing machines that is cheap in Nigeria.

The average cost of this sewing machine in Nigeria is N60,000 and is a very easy to handle and maintain sewing machine.

The sewing machine is portable and comes with basic sewing equipments and good self explanatory manual.

Mini Sewing MachineĀ  Price – N11,000

Mini sewing machine average price in Nigeria is N11,000.

Its most notable features is the double thread it possess as well as double speed with light design.

Mini sewing machines in Nigeria is most used for small or quick sewing projects and is highly portable in the sense that it can be carried from place to place.

It afford users perfect stitch control and lightweight sewing machine.

It among the most affordable sewing machines in Nigeria with cheap price.

Mini sewing machines in Nigeria is the best sewing machines for learning and practicing sewing.


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