Best Souvenirs For Weddings in Nigeria (2023)

Wedding Souvenirs Ideas in Nigeria

Weddings are so special and thrilling. In Nigeria, its even bigger as Nigerian weddings are packed full of activities.

Best Wedding souvenirs in Nigeria

Planning on having a fabulous or best wedding in Nigeria is an enormous task.

Hence most intending couples hire wedding planners who will aid them in putting events and activities in order for an upcoming wedding.

Gifting giving at wedding in Nigeria is a very popular tradition.

It goes two ways, guests presents gift to couples while couple return one to guest.

This gift given by couple to guests is known as wedding souvenirs.

Picking the right souvenirs for weddings in Nigeria always come with delimma.

However, it is just that simple that financial strength of couple will determine their weddings souvenirs.

Nevertheless, there comes a time when money isn’t just a problem but picking the right souvenirs for your Nigerian wedding.

This is the major gap this post is out to close. In this article, we will be presenting the best souvenirs ideas for wedding in Nigeria.

Nigeria Wedding Souvenirs Tips

Wedding souvenirs in Nigeria are part of “Thank You” message from couple to their guests.

It also serve as a way to keep the event memorable in the minds of the guests.

So, this is why choosing a good and long lasting souvenirs for weddings are very important.

Also comes the cost of souvenirs. Most couples look out for souvenirs that very presentable with low cost.

So, the idea is to get a cheap wedding souvenirs in Nigeria that is also presentable.

Below are list of good wedding souvenirs ideas in Nigeria that you wouldn’t break bank to provide for your wedding guests.

Wall Clock

Wall clock is one of the best wedding souvenirs in Nigeria.

It keeps the big day memorable in the minds of the guests.

Getting and customizing wall clock is a nice souvenir for weddings in Nigeria. It is also cost effective.


Towels when customized can serve as a good souvenir for weddings in Nigeria.

It is also an item that can last long and can help keep your day fresh in mind of your guests.

Tea & Hot Water Flasks

Getting and using a branded flasks for wedding souvenirs in Nigeria is a good one.

It is a good wedding souvenirs that will cost less money in Nigeria.


You can keep your wedding guest out of rain or protected from rain by giving them umbrellas as wedding souvenirs.

It is most better and beautiful when these umbrellas are customized or branded.

Cloth (Ankara)

This is another nice wedding souvenirs in Nigeria but its for couples with financial strength.

Your wedding guests will be honored and delighted getting a piece of Ankara from couple.

It will make a wedding memorable and talk of town.

Household Items

A good and important household items can be used as wedding souvenirs especially where a budget is being considered.

Items like ceramic plates, Trays, Plastic grinder etc presents good wedding souvenirs options in Nigeria.

Customized Wine

It is also good and presentable to offer wines as wedding souvenirs in Nigeria.

Getting a good wine and attaching names of couple to it is a nice way to appreciate people for attending your wedding.

Travel Mugs

Customized beautiful mugs can also be used for weddings souvenirs.

They are cheaper wedding souvenirs in Nigeria and at same time are very presentable.

Branded Caps & T – Shirts

This is gradually becoming most popular souvenirs options in Nigeria for weddings.

You can brand caps and T-shirts and give out to guests as thank you gifts and you will be surprised how much they will appreciate it.

Writing Materials

Writing materials like exercise books has been a very popular wedding souvenirs in Nigeria.

Getting and customizing an exercise book and adding a pen to it can make your wedding guests fulfilled and appreciated for their time.


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