10 Best Study Abroad Agencies & Consultants in Nigeria

The best agencies and consultants in Nigeria for study visa and admission into foreign universities is the major focus of this post.

While many Nigerians gets their undergraduate degrees from Nigerian universities, a significant number usually embarks on abroad studies either for their undergraduate or graduate studies.

Getting university admission abroad from Nigeria either for graduate studies or for undergraduate studies is very possible and easy provided that requirements and technicalities are met.

Even though many Nigerians have been able to secure admission for university education on their own, a greater number prefer to go through abroad study visa agencies and consultants in Nigeria.

Some of the reasons why many Nigerians prefer to go through best and credible abroad study visa consultants and agencies in Nigeria includes:

  • Time Savings
  • Mastery of Process
  • Study Destination

These are some of the core reasons why many Nigerians who desire to study abroad engage the services of abroad study visa agencies and consultants.

Sometimes, it takes a lot of time to process abroad studies admission.

This can affect especially those who re gainfully employed in Nigeria or that have serious business in Nigeria.

Also, these abroad travel agencies in Nigeria have mastered the process,hence they can secure client’s admission at first trial.

Moreso, the destination choice for studies can sometimes require the experience and expertise of these abroad travel agencies in Nigeria.

So, all these makes abroad study visa agencies and consultants indispensable in Nigeria.

In this blog post, the best travel abroad study visa agencies and consultants will be reviewed.

Top Abroad Study Consultants & Agencies in Nigeria

Here is our compilation of best and credible abroad study agencies and consultants in Nigeria.

These agencies in Nigeria helps you to get admission in USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

These are the best travel agencies in Nigeria that can help process your study visa to USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

Emion Placement Resources Limited

Emion placement Resources Limited is one of the best reputable study abroad agency in Nigeria that helps interested students secure international admissions into universities in countries like UK, Ireland, Sweden, India, Cyprus, Netherlands, Canada, Malaysia etc.

This top study abroad agency in Nigeria has helped numerous Nigerians students secure admission in their dreams universities across the world.

They are highly transparent and open with their processes which gives the student confidence.

Also, Emion Placement Resources Limited is known for their moderate charges for processing of study visa and admission process.

It is one of the best agencies in Nigeria that processes study visa for students in Nigeria.

Morgan Consultancy Services

Morgan Consultancy Services is the best agency in Nigeria that is reputable for easy secure and processing of Canada student’s visa.

They makes it easy for Nigerians to secure admission into their choice universities in Canada.

They are also open to processing of study visa to other top countries such as UK , Australia and Cyprus.

However, they are vast and very fast in the process of Canada study visa.

Also, this Nigeria study visa agency can help identify cheap universities in Canada for intending Nigerian students who wishes to study abroad especially in Canada.

Avail International Consult

This is ranked as one of the best study visa agencies in Nigeria.

They aid interested Nigerian students secure abroad admission and also help them process study visa with ease.

Avail International Consult is very good and fast in the processing of study visa into the following countries: United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, USA etc.

The travel consult is very cheap with their charges and is very transparent too.

Avail International Consult is one of the most trusted agencies for processing of study abroad visa in Nigeria.

You can search for them on Google and visit their website for detailed informations about their study visa process and fees.

Imperial Educational Services

Imperial Educational Services is another top and reliable consult for processing of student’s visa to UK,Canada, Australia and other Asian countries.

They have aided many Nigerian students secure international admissions in their choice destinations across the world.

Testimonies from students who have passed through this agency confirm their professionalism in the process of handling of study abroad visa for interested Nigerian students.

Also, they help students settle in at their country of study through linking them with other successful clients that have passed through the agency.

It is indeed one of the highly regarded travel agencies for study abroad visa in Nigeria.

Bowell Educational Services Limited

Bowell Educational Services Limited is one of the travel agencies that specialises in in provision of study visa in Nigeria.

The Lagos based agency has the reputation of helping Nigerians students secure international student admission at very good prices.

They are expert in the secure of study visa in the following countries: Ukraine, Germany, UK, Canada, Cyprus and China.

The agency is headquartered in Lagos and can be visited for further engagements concerning abroad studies visa and admission.

E-Global International Education

This is another leading study visa agency in Nigeria that specialises in the processing and secure of study visas for Nigerians.

Some countries where E-Global International Education agency easily process study visa are: Malaysia, UK, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

They can be reached via their official website which can be searched and accessed through Google.

Diptot International Consult

Diptot International Consult remain one of the top rated study abroad visa procurement agencies in Nigeria.

Through this top study abroad consult, many Nigerian students have been able to secure study abroad visas and admission.

This is why they are highly regarded among the league of best rated travel agencies in Nigeria that handles admission into UK, Cananda and Australia universities.

It is a reliable study abroad agency in Nigeria that you can trust and use for your foreign graduate admissions.

Mainbrain International Global Education

This is highly regarded agency in Nigeria for study abroad visa and school admissions.

It is also a study abroad visa agency that charges less fees for the process of securing foreign admission and study visa.

They can be reached through their website which is www.mainedu.com.

This is an agency that can help you secure study visa in Nigeria with ease.

Student Travel International

As the name implies, this agency handles all issues concerning study abroad visa ranging from admissions process, visa and travels.

It has over the years provide students with the best study visa experience through robust and smooth sailing international admissions process from Nigeria.

They partner with many universities in UK, Cananda,USA and Australia which makes it easier for them to secure admission for clients for their international studies especial graduate studies.

It is easily among the best study abroad agencies in Nigeria.

Chelis Education Consult

Chelis Education Consult is a Lagos state based study visa agency.

It is among the best study abroad visa agencies in Lagos.

They are one of the popular choices for securing study visa to countries such as USA, Cananda, UK,Germany and Australia.

Chelis Education Consult is also one of the fastest study visa processing firms and agencies in Nigeria.

They are easily one of the 10 best study visa agencies in Lagos, Nigeria.


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