Best Thermal POS Paper & Prices in Nigeria

Thermal papers popularly known as POS paper in Nigeria has become one of the fast moving lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

The above situation is highly aided by the cashless drive by Nigeria’s Central Bank.

Thermal paper are used to print receipts and slips from payments thermal printers and POS machines.

Hence the biggest buyers of POS papers in Nigeria are banks, malls,sports betting agents and POS attendants.

POS paper is considered one of the fast selling stationery articles. Those who sell POS thermal papers are smiling to the bank as result of the high patronage of the article.

In this article, well will review the price of POS papers in Nigeria as well as answer questions regarding POS paper companies in Nigeria i.e what are companies producing POS papers in Nigeria.

Carton Price Of POS Paper in Nigeria

The thermal POS paper is of two major sizes: 57×38 & 57×50. These two thermal and POS paper type are for POS machines and thermal printers respectively.

Our survey showed that the prices of POS paper has increased by over 75% since the cashless policy drive by CBN.

Here is a breakdown of the current price of POS thermal papers in Nigeria on average.

  • Thermal POS Paper -57×38 = 18,000 per carton.
  • Thermal POS Paper- 57×50 = 22,000 per carton.

This is a significant increase from the previous sold price of POS papers which is between N11,500 to N13,500.

Best Thermal POS Paper in Nigeria

The major yardstick for ranking and measuring the best POS paper is the colour of the paper, it’s thickness and ability to retain ink for longer time as well as clear and clean prints.

Among POS machine users, there is a high preference for POS white colour paper. This is as a result of the ability to show clearly printed information.

Also, many users look out for POS papers that retains ink for longer time. This is because some POS paper gets defaced after a short period of time it was printed upon.

Moreso, the thickness of the paper is also considered as it doesn’t get torn easily. These are some of the things people consider for as the look out for which POS Thermal paper is the best in Nigeria.

Here is list of the best POS, Thermal papers in Nigeria.

SHIRLEY YA – N18,000 -N22,000

This is one of the best POS papers in Nigeria renowned for its sparkling white colour and thick texture.

Shirley Ya retains ink for longer time and produces very clear prints on it too. It is one of the best POS papers in Nigeria and it carton prices in Nigeria is N18,000 and N22,000 for 57×38 and 57×50 respectively.

Precious – N17,500 – 21,000

This is another brand of thermal POS paper that is ranked the best POS paper in Nigeria. Precious POS paper comes in different sizes and prices too. It is very good and come in a very white colour.

NWYCON MEGA – N18,500 – N23,000

NWYCON MEGA is another Thermal POS Paper that is best for clean and clear printing. Just like other POS papers, it comes in 109 paper rolls. It is one of the most popular POS Thermal papers available in Nigeria.

Superflux – N17,000 – N21,000

Superflux is equally one of the best and good quality thermal POS papers in Nigeria. It comes in different sizes and for different prices too.

Thermal Star – N18,500 to N23,000

Thermal Star is another quality brand of POS paper in Nigeria. It comes in different sizes of 57×38 for Point of Sale machines and 57×50 for thermal printers. It very white in colour and produces very clear prints too.

Thermal POS Papers Companies in Nigeria

Are there companies in Nigeria producing POS papers and thermal papers?.

A check by our reporters and sources shows that thermal POS papers are heavily imported into Nigeria from China and other countries.

So, the best supply chain for thermal POS paper in Nigeria is to link up with an importer of POS paper in Nigeria in this way you can get a good deal.

We are yet to find company in Nigeria that specialises in manufacture and production of thermal POS papers in Nigeria.


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