Best Toilet & Bathroom Cleaners in Nigeria

Finding the best toilet cleaning detergent in Nigeria can keep one searching for long.

Best toilet cleaners in Nigeria


This is because of small number of varieties of best detergent for cleaning toilets in Nigeria.

The state of one’s toilet says so much about the person.

It is one of the places in the house where high level of cleanliness is required.

While we acknowledge that the chore of washing and cleaning toilet isn’t so much cherished by many, the duty can be made a lot easier with the help of best and right toilet cleaners in Nigeria.

Top and effective toilet cleaning and washing detergents in Nigerian market are not many.

The few best toilet cleaners in Nigeria are products of some of the most renowned FMCG companies.

In this article, we will providing the best and most active detergents for washing or cleaning toilets and bathrooms.

Best Toilets Washing Detergent in Nigeria

Best toilets cleaners in Nigeria are those detergents for washing and cleaning toilets which kills 99.9% of germs found in the toilet while also keeping the toilets facilities like WC seat, tiles, washing zinc sparkling.

Also, the best detergents for washing toilet in Nigeria must have a very pleasant fragrance which should keep the toilet smelling nice as every other part of the house.

These are some of the qualities that makes toilets detergents best and top one.

Below is the list of some good and highly active toilet cleaners and detergents in Nigeria.

Hypo Toilet Cleaner

Hypo toilet cleaners is rated one of the best detergents for washing and cleaning toilet in Nigeria.

The products which is produced by Multipro Enterprise Limited (MPEL) is renowned for killing 99.9 percent toilet germs and returns toilet facilities to its original sparkling colours.

Hypo Toilet Cleaner comes in different sizes, packs as well as prices.

It one of the most popular toilet cleaners in Nigeria.

Harpic Toilet Cleaner

This another top rated best toilet cleaners in Nigeria markets.

It is one of the most popular and effective toilets detergents in Nigeria.

Harpic toilets cleaners makes the list of best toilet stain cleaners in Nigeria for having the following features: it kills 99.9% germs, eliminates unpleasant smells and odour, 10 times more yellowish stain removal and also acts better than ordinary bleach, detergents and acid.

This is why Harpic is found in many Nigerian homes as best and high performing toilet washing detergent.


Clorox offer the most effective and best detergent for washing and cleaning toilets seats and bowl.

It is a highly concentrated bleach which can be used to disinfect toilets and bathrooms.

Clorox provided deep toilet cleaning as well as kills 99.9 percent germs.

It is a very good toilet cleaner in Nigeria that provides very white wash and effective results.

It comes in liquid forms stored in plastic cans.


Kleanmate is a specially prepared solution for effective toilet cleaning and disinfecting.

The liquid soap company offer toilet cleaner that removes stains and dirts especially the difficult ones on toilet bowl.

It is carefully prepared to provided easy and active toilet hygiene in Nigeria.

It one of the Nigeria’s best toilet cleaners at the moment.

Kleanmate toilet cleaner comes in different sizes stores in plastic bottles.

Wind Liquid Toilet Cleaner

Wind toilet cleaner is ranked among the best toilet cleaners in Nigeria.

The toilet cleaning product is highly formulated and concentrated which makes it provide one in all toilet cleaning.

It kills 99.9 percent germs and bacteria in toilets and also provides an active wash for toilet facilities like toilet bowl.

It is one of the best toilets stain removals in Nigeria at the moment.

Another good feature of wind toilet cleaner is the fragrance it provides after use.

Hence, it makes toilets to smell nice and pleasant.

Wind toilet cleaner is sold across major supermarket and malls in Nigeria. It is stored in plastic white bottle.

Sani Fresh

This another best toilet cleaner in Nigeria produced by dabur makers of dabur toothpastes.

Sani fresh shine is a specialist toilet cleaner. It kills germs and makes the toilet smell nice and fresh.

It is a toilet wash that is safe for septic tanks and can kills rodents like snakes in septic tanks or soakaway tanks.

It is best toilet cleaner in Nigeria that kills bacteria and dangerous insects and animals in soakaway or septic tanks.


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