Best Voltage Stabilizers in Nigeria & Prices (2023)

This post will discuss the best power voltage stabilizers in Nigeria.

Best stabilizers in Nigeria and  prices

Voltage stabilizer also known as automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is an electrical device used to produce constant and stable voltage for appliances.

Some home appliances desiring voltage stabilizers includes chess freezers, televisions, submersible water pumps etc.

The best voltage stabilizers in Nigeria helps keep appliances running efficiently and effectively irrespective of sudden change or drop in the power voltage required for running and operation of the appliance.

Also, voltage stabilizers comes in different KVA (capacity).

This also determine their funtion capacities as well as the price.

The more capacity a voltage stabilizer have the more effective it will be and then the price of the stabilizer is will cost more unlike those of lesser VA.

There are many brands of voltage stabilizers in Nigeria. Some have been in Nigeria markets for decades while other are new entrants.

Nigeria electricity system is characterized by constant drop and fluctuations in voltage.

This makes the use of voltage stabilizers important so as to effectively use and operate certain electronics devices without running into faults.

The best voltage stabilizers in Nigeria are those automatic voltage regulators that are capable of protecting devices connected to them against the instability of voltage current.

In this article, the best stabilizer brands in Nigeria will be provided as well as the price of these best stabilizers in Nigeria.

Prices of Best Stabilizers in Nigeria

Below is the list of some good and strong stabilizers in Nigeria.

They are among the most powerful and effective voltage stabilizers in Nigeria.

To find the best stabilizers in Nigeria and their prices, keep reading this article.

Price of Century Stabilizers

Century stabilizer is one of the best stabilizers in Nigeria. It comes in different Volt Ampere (VA) ranging from 1000VA to 20000VA.

The price of Century stabilizer is determined by its capacity.

The price of Century stabilizer starts from N15,000 for century stabilizer of 1000VA.

Other voltage capacities like 2000VA,5000VA, 10000VA has higher prices.

Price of Qasa Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Qasa voltage stabilizers is one of the most strong stabilizers in Nigeria.

It comes in different sizes and KAV capacities. The power capacity of Qasa stabilizers goes a long in determining the price.

The price of Qasa 2000kva stabilizer is around N25,000 while Qasa 5000kva stabilizer price is between N43,000 to N45,000.

It is good stabilizer to power deep freezers in Nigeria.

Haier Thermocool Stabilizers Prices

Haier Thermocool voltage stabilizers in Nigeria are among the best stabilizers for low voltage in Nigeria.

They are very effective and helps improve voltage needed for appliance.

The price of Haier Thermocool Stabilizer of 2000KAV capacity is between N30,000 to N35,000

This is just as Haier Thermocool Stabilizer of 5000VA capacity price in Nigeria is around N50,000.

Firman Stabilizers Price

Firman stabilizer is another top best brand of voltage stabilizers in Nigeria.

It is an automatic voltage stabilizer specially built for Nigeria power systems.

The price of Firman stabilizers is provided below: Firman stabilizer 2000VA – N32,000, Firman stabilizer 5000VA – N55,000.

Price of Binatone Stabilizers

Binatone Stabilizer is one of the best stabilizer for electronics in Nigeria.

It is also one of the most expensive voltage stabilizers in Nigeria for obvious reasons.

It comes with a digital interface for display of its functions.

Some of the prices of Binatone Stabilizers includes: Binatone 2000VA – N38,000 to N45,000, Binatone 5000VA – N67,000 to N75,000.

It a good stabilizer to power appliances in Nigeria.

Price of Mercury Stabilizers

The price of 2000kav mercury stabilizer in Nigeria is between N20,000 to N25,000.

Mercury Stabilizer is one of the cheapest stabilizers in Nigeria. Mercury 5000kav stabilizer is around N60,000.

It one of the Nigeria’s best voltage stabilizers.

Price of Nexus Digital Stabilizers

Nexus digital stabilizer is another best stabilizer brands in Nigeria.

It comes in different VA capacities. Nexus stabilizer comes with a digital interface with which the funtions are displayed for effective reading.

The price of 1500VA Nexus stabilizer in Nigeria is around N30,000. It is a top stabilizer brand in Nigeria.

Blue Gate Stabilizers Price

The price of Blue Gate automatic voltage stabilizer is N20,000 for 2000kav Blue Gate stabilizer.

It is also another cheaper stabilizer in Nigeria. The 5000kva of blue gate stabilizer cost is around N55,000 in major electronics stores.

It made our list of best stabilizers brands in Nigeria.

Price of Duravolt Stabilizers

Duravolt stabilizer is one of the cheapest voltage stabilizers in Nigeria.

It is a good stabilizer for water pump sumo and freezers.

The price of Duravolt stabilizer in Nigeria are: Duravolt 1000kav =N14,000, Duravolt 2000VA = N19,000, Duravolt 5000kav = N45,000.

Price of Prag Stabilizers

Prag stabilizer is also on our list of best stabilizers in Nigeria.

The stabilizer is very strong and helps improve low voltage.

The price of Prag stabilizer is based highly on its capacities.

The Prag 2000VA stabilizer goes for price range of around N40,000.

The price of Prag 20000VA stabilizer is around N300,000 in Nigeria.

This is how much some Prag stabilizer are sold in Nigeria.


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