Best Water Closet (WC) Toilet Seats in Nigeria & Prices

This article will focus of the best types of WC toilet seats and their Prices in Nigeria. In a more popular parlence, we will review the price of toilet seat in Nigeria. This will make known the cheapest toilet WC seat in Nigeria.

New modern toilet facilities cannot be complete without the ceramics toilet seats.

This is because they define the new toilet era which provides comfort and hygiene.

Despite United Nations reports on open defecation in Nigeria and poor toilet system, many Nigerians are gradually adopting the use of water closet toilet.

The people is not just the rich but even the middle and below middle class.

Water closet is the best form of toilet system around the globe and Nigeria.

This system is facilitated by a ceramic water storage box a ceramic bowl with pipes connected down to the sewage.

The only not so good about WC toilet system in Nigeria is the price of the toilet facilities involved in installing WC toilet.

No matter the brand or quality, Water Closet toilet facilities are not cheap.

The most expensive part of the modern toilet system is the WC seat.

It is also the major accessory used to install Water Closet toilet.

So, this is why it is important that only the best WC seats in Nigeria should be considered when making a purchase.

In this publication, we will provide the types of WC seats in Nigeria.

Also to be contained in this article is the best brands of WC toilet seats in Nigeria as well as how much price water closet toilet seats are sold in Nigeria.

The Water Closet toilet system is most prevalent in the urban centers.

Though, old toilet systems such as pit, squat are still found sparingly.

In the rural centers in Nigeria the opposite is the case as very few have adopted or installed the WC toilet system with majority still using the old systems of pits and squat toilets.

The good of it all is that more Nigerians are embracing the Water Closet toilet system which is the most hygienic toilet system when put side by side with others.

This post will aid those who are about to install WC toilet system or replace the toilet seats by giving them the best types of toilet seats there is in Nigeria and also the current prices of WC toilet seats. This is the major theme of this article.

Types of Water Closet (WC) Toilet Seats in Nigeria

There are two major types of toilet seats prevalent in Nigeria. We will discuss these WC toilet seats below.

1. Side Handle WC Toilet Seat

This type of water closet toilet seats in Nigeria is the most prevalent and one of the oldest type of water closet toilet seats.

This type of WC toilet seat comes with flushing handle fixed at the extreme right side of the ceramic water box.

It is also one of the cheapest type of WC toilet seats in Nigeria.

This type of toilet seat in Nigeria is not without advantages and disadvantages. Let take you round the pros and cons of this type of water closet toilet seats


Larger Water Box: It comes with a larger water storage box which ensures enough water for adequate flushing of wastes.

Easy Fix & Repairs: The side handle flushing WC seat is easily repaired or fixed in event of damage. This is one of the advantages that comes with it.


Needs Larger Volume of Water: One of the cons of this type of toilet seats is that it demands larger volume of water to flush effectively.

Breaks Down Easily: Also, it easily breaks down through the handle especially when handled by children and minors.

2. On The Top Push Button WC Toilet Seat

This is the newest type of toilet seats available in Nigeria now. It is more portable and smaller in size too.

It produces more flushing pressure too through striking of button on top of the ceramic water box. This type of WC toilet seat has some advantages over the side handle type of toilet seat.


Easy to Use: One of the major advantages of this type of toilet seat is that it demands striking just one button to flush effectively. Hence, it is easy to use

Higher Flushing Pressure: It also has good pressure flush which ensures adequate and effective flushing of wastes.


Smaller Water Box: The water hold box is small and this can demand more than one flushing to adequately flush out the entire wastes.

Not Easily Repaired: In event of Damage, It takes a professional and a good technician to be fixed.

Higher Costs: It is much more expensive to buy and install compared to other types of toilet seats available in Nigeria markets.

Best WC Toilet Seats in Nigeria

There are numerous brands and non branded toilet seats in Nigeria. These WC seats comes at different costs and quality.

Based on market research, opinion samples and users experience, we will be list the best water closets toilet seats in Nigeria.

These are the strongest and long lasting WC toilet seats in Nigeria currently.

Twyford WC Toilet Seats

This is one of the most sought toilet seats in Nigeria because of its quality.

Twyford is a top brand in production of house construction equipments especially toilet and bathrooms accessories and other plumbing materials too.

Twyford WC toilet seat is among best WC seats in Nigeria.

Virony WC Toilet Seats

Water Closet toilet seats from Virony is among the bests there is in the market.

Virony toilet seats are very easy to clean and doesn’t hold dirts and stain. They are also long lasting too.

A&S WC Toilet Seats

This is another top brand of WC seat in Nigeria that is recommended for homes and office use too.

It is among the best quality toilet seats in Nigeria with very sleek body.

Nismad WC Toilet Seats

Nismad WC seats, though not as porpular as other brands like Twyford but is a proven top quality toilet seat in Nigeria markets.

It is also amongst the cheapest good quality WC seats in Nigeria.

SweetHome WC Seats

SweetHome water closet toilet seat is one of the best quality WC seats to buy in Nigeria. It is a product of highly rated makers of bathroom and toilet accessories.

Their WC is very faciful and strongly made to stand test of time. It is usually very smooth which ensures seamless flushing of wastes.

Price of Water Closet (WC) Toilet Seats

The cost of WC toilet seats in Nigeria is largely decided by the quality and the mode of operation.

Also, brands is another factor that plays on the cost price of WC toilet seats in Nigeria.

The price of toilet seats to be provided in this post is based on current market research and findings.

It is pertinent to note that these prices of water closet seats is subject to change based on market factors. Below is the cost of WC toilet seats in Nigeria.

  • Virony WC Seats Price: N60,000 – N80,000
  • Sweethome WC Seats Price: N45,000 – N78,000
  • A&S WC Seats Price: N48,000 – N65,000
  • Twyford WC Seats Price: N45,000 – N80,000
  • Nismad WC Seats Price: N52,000 – N75,000

Price of WC Toilet Seats in Nigeria: Overview

It is obvious that the average cost of WC seat in Nigeria is high considering socio- economic situation of the country.

The average price of WC toilet seat in Nigeria is N58,000. However, when making a purchase, certain things should be considered. Where the WC seats will be installed should be put into account.

For public places and homes with children and minors, the push buttom WC seat should be considered despite its high price.

This is because of its longevity and easy usage and water volume.

But for strictly private use especially by an adult, WC seat with side handles can be considered owing to reason that it will be for private use especially by an adult.

Also, when trying to buy WC seat, the size of toilet space should be put into cognizance to avoid the system taking up all the toilet spaces.


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