Best Wedding Reception Venues in Lagos (2024)

Best Halls / Events Centers for Weddings in Lagos

There are so many reception venues & event centres for weddings in Lagos but only a few are special. Let’s talk about the best wedding halls in Lagos.

Best Wedding halls in Lagos

Every now and then, couples tie the knot in Nigeria’s biggest city of Lagos.

Some of the most expensive and luxurious weddings in Nigeria most take place in Lagos.

This is because of the wedding reception facilities and wedding venues available in Lagos, Nigeria.

One of the major issues to trash out while planning for wedding is reception venue.

This is a hall or event center where the union will be celebrated after the Christian, Islam or traditional rites on blessing the union.

Most standard or luxurious wedding venues or wedding halls in Lagos does not come cheap.

Some of the best halls for weddings in Lagos are attached to some of Lagos top hotels.

Also, there are handful of event centers in Lagos that are also very cool and classic for wedding reception in Lagos.

In this post, we will be discussing best wedding destinations venues in Lagos.

This includes best wedding halls and event centers in Lagos.

This article will avail couples planning wedding with options to consider for choosing best and suitable wedding reception venues / halls in Lagos.

Top Best Wedding Venue / Halls in Lagos

Below is the list of some of the best and luxurious wedding reception halls and events centers in Lagos.

They are also the most standard event halls in Lagos for wedding reception.

Eko Hotels & Suites

Eko Hotels & Suites, one of most popular international hotels in Lagos has some of the best and most luxurious halls for wedding reception & venue.

The hotel is located in Victoria Island Lagos and is strategically located behind a beach.

Some of the biggest wedding reception in Lagos happens at Eko Hotels & Suites.

The hotel offer guests tight security, adequate parking lot and wonderful environment.

It is a top destination for weddings reception in Lagos.

Etal Hotels & Halls Ikeja

This is one of the most standard event destinations for wedding reception in Lagos.

Etal halls are among some of the best halls for wedding reception in Lagos.

The halls are beautifully designed and furnished with facilities for comfort of the guests.

It is a good hotel for wedding reception in Lagos.

It also offer guests serene environment that is secured and free.

Sheraton Hotel Lagos

Sheraton hotel hall in Lagos is top event center for weddings in Lagos.

The halls can take more than 500 guests and is among the most beautiful wedding venues in Lagos.

The hotel offer most basic amenities needed for weddings guests such as parking spaces, elegant staff, restroom facilities etc.

Lekki Astoria Event Center

Lekki Astoria Event Center is one of the top event centers in Lagos suitable for wedding venue.

Their halls are classic with top quality furniture. The overall environment is very good for photo shoots.

There is enough parking spaces for guests too. It is a top wedding venue in Lagos.

The Moorhouse Ikoyi

The Moorhouse located in Lagos Island is a good location for wedding reception venue.

This location gives couples the luxury and guests the privacy and comfort for weddings receptions.

Landmark Event Center

Couples can make their big day memorable by receiving their guests at Landmark event center, Lagos.

This is because this event center offer best wedding reception experience and has adequately facilities to ensure smooth and hitch free ceremony.

It no doubt among the best place for wedding venue in Lagos.

The facility can accommodate over 1000 weddings guests comfortably.

Brava Event Center

Brava event center Ogba, Lagos is one of the budget friendly wedding halls in Lagos.

It is a standard event hall that is cheaper in Lagos.

The event center is sited on larger expanse of land which provides lots of parking spaces for guests.

It is also well secured and with good facilities. It is a cheap event center with good facilities in Lagos.

Haven Event Center

Haven event center Ikeja is also one of the most classic budget friendly hall for wedding in Lagos.

The event center hall can accommodate over 1000 guests and is an indoor facility.

It is a standard hall for wedding venue I Lagos. The environment is very tidy and neat too.


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