Best Wireless Bluetooth Microphones & Prices in Nigeria

The importance of wireless bluetooth microphones cannot be neglected in the cause of audio visual content creation. This is a review of price of bluetooth microphone for making comedy skits.

Gone are the days of use of wired microphones and times has seen a shift in the use of bluetooth enabled microphones.

Almost every vlogger, podcaster, interviewer and creator of audio visual content tries to find the best wireless bluetooth microphones essential for their recording and coverage.

This why many content creators and undercovers agents and journalists are always open to sourcing the best and reliable wireless bluetooth microphones.

Currently, Nigerian market hasn’t seen many brands of bluetooth microphones and this has also affected how much wireless bluetooth microphones are sold in Nigeria.

The cost of bluetooth microphones in Nigeria is largely decided by its features and specifications.

This is one of the very important equipment you must have to create videos and audios of high quality.

In this article, we will review the price of wireless bluetooth microphones in Nigeria as well as present our readers with the best quality wireless bluetooth microphones in Nigeria.

Best Bluetooth Microphone in Nigeria

A lot of wireless bluetooth microphones can be found across tech markets in Nigeria, but there are certain factors we take in to cognizance to arrive at which is the best bluetooth wireless microphones for video creation in Nigeria.

Battery Quality

Bluetooth microphone with good battery life and capacity is considered a good one and aid in long hours of recordings.

High-end rechargeable batteries perform best and continue serving you for 10 hours.

The quality batteries ensure 1,000 charging cycles. So, battery quality is important if you are considering buying wireless Bluetooth microphones.

Operating Range

This has to do with the meters the bluetooth microphone can be connected away from the host.

Bluetooth microphones with long range connection gives users opportunity to get good audio far away from his cameras and host too. This is best for those covering undercovers niches.

So having wireless bluetooth microphones with long range connection capacity is a win and good one for your use.

Audio Quality

This is one of the most important factor we put into consideration in deciding which wireless bluetooth microphones is the best in Nigeria.

The best wireless bluetooth microphones transmit digital signals consistently in the most clear clean audio.

The wireless bluetooth microphones should be able to pick audio and process them in very clear output and filter out noise.

These are some of the features that decides the best wireless bluetooth microphones.

Price of Wireless Bluetooth Microphone in Nigeria

Here are the most popular and most used bluetooth microphones in Nigeria for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram,Tiktok videos and how much these bluetooth microphones are sold in Nigeria.

K8 Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Price – N7500 – N9000

This is one of the foremost wireless bluetooth microphones available in Nigeria. It is also the cheapest bluetooth microphones for making and recording videos in Nigeria.

The bluetooth microphone cost between N7500 to N9000 in Nigeria depending on the tech store you are buying from. K8 wireless bluetooth microphones comes in both Type-C and iPhone usb port. It only has one mic and the usb port connector.

K35 Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Price – N10000 – N13000

This is similar to k8 wireless bluetooth microphones but has two separate microphones which makes it easy to operate and use by two users simultaneously.

Across tech stores and shops, this type of wireless bluetooth microphones can be purchased between N10,000 to N13,000. Also, like k8, it comes in both iPhone usb port and Type-C usb port.

K9 Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Price- N10,000 – N12,000

This is another very popular and highly used bluetooth wireless microphone available in Nigeria. It comes in both Type-C and iPhone usb port.

K9 wireless bluetooth mic has two separate microphones which can be used at once to enhance interviews and easy use.

Rode Wireless Bluetooth Microphone Price – N18,000 – N20,000

Rode bluetooth microphones is one of the best bluetooth microphones for vlogging in Nigeria. The square shape mic has RX & TX which is the connector and the mic.

It is one of the best bluetooth microphones with best audio quality for making videos.

The bluetooth microphone is also good quality wireless bluetooth microphones for making videos that has strong and long lasting battery.


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