Best Wooden Mortar & Pestle Prices in Nigeria

It is difficult not to find a house household in Nigeria without mortar and pestle be it wooden or plastic made.

This is a result of Nigeria’s type of meals and delicacies which at most times are crushed with mortar and pestle during preparation.

Hence we deemed it important to take a look at the price of mortar and pestle in Nigeria.

There are basically two types of mortar and pestle used in Nigeria which are wooden mortar and pestle as well as plastic mortar and pestle.

However, wooden mortar and pestle has become the most preferred and highly used in Nigeria. It is not proven if this has to do with performance or culture.

This write up will provide you with the cost price of mortar and pestle in Nigeria. This will be significant for those making purchase of cooking utensils and kitchen equipments.

What is the Cost of Wooden Mortar & Pestle in Nigeria?

The prices that wooden mortar and pestle are sold in Nigeria is in consumerate to their sizes. The larger the size of a mortar and pestle, the higher the price and vice versa for small sized mortar and pestle.

Wooden mortar and pestle are made of a special hard wood that is very effective and effective for food crushing and pounding. These wooden mortar and pestle are specially prepared and made to enhance hygiene during use.

They also stand test of time and can be used for decades before being replaced. Here is the price list of wooden mortar and pestle

  • Small Sized Mortar &Pestle – N3500 – N4000
  • Medium Sized Mortar & Pestle – N8000 – N10,000
  • Big Sized Mortar and Pestle – N12,000 – N15,000
  • Plastic Mortar & Pestle – N3500 – N5000 (usually comes in small size)

Where Can I Buy Good Quality Wooden Mortar and Pestle?

If you are looking for the best place to buy wooden mortar and pestle in Nigeria, read on while we present you with options on places you can make purchase of your wooden mortar and pestle.

Local Market: This is the best place to buy wooden mortar and pestle cheap in Nigeria. A visit to local markets in rural areas and in some urban centres will avail you the opportunity to have access to different sizes of wooden mortar and pestle at cheaper prices.

Cooking Wares Stores: for those in major cities such as lagos, Port Harcourt,Abuja you can make purchase of your wooden mortar and pestle at any major cooking wares stores within your city. There are numerous cooking wares stores in Lagos. This cooking utensil can easily be gotten from these outlets.

Online Stores: mortar and pestle can also be bought from major online and e-commerce websites in Nigeria such as jumia,konga etc. You can the purchase and have them delivered to your chosen location.

The above are the best place to get the best strong , durable and portable wooden mortar and pestle that is perfect and can enhance your cooking and preparation of local delicacies and meals.


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