Bicycle Prices in Nigeria (2023)

Types & Prices of Bicycle in Nigeria

Bicycles has continued to transform and remain highly relevant in Nigeria for many reasons.

Prices of bicycles in Nigeria

In the 50s, Bicycle was more of a means of transportation in Nigeria and was very popular among the affluent and civil servants.

Times has changed, in today’s Nigeria, Bicycle is still very popular but no longer largely as means of transportation but rather as leisure, sports and exercise implement.

Bicycle markets is still very much alive and huge in Nigeria especially in the urban centres.

Also, the high demand and purchase of bicycles/bikes was aided hugely by government policy which placed ban on use of commercial and private motorcycles in major Nigerian cities.

All these played a role in keeping bicycle market alive and thriving in Nigeria.

As times changes, the makers of bicycle qued in and has made huge changes to the bicycles obtains in the 50s.

As the cycling market continues to grow one begins to wonder what the price of bicycles is in Nigeria.

The cost and prices bicycles are sold in Nigeria is one of the major things to consider when buying or acquiring a bicycle.

This is why we decided through this article to look at the different prices of bicycles in Nigeria markets.

Cost of Bicycles in Nigeria: How Much Bicycle Are Sold in Nigeria

The price of bicycles in Nigeria is determined by some factors and variables.

Some of the factors that decides bicycle prices in Nigeria includes, Bicycle type, specifications as well as the condition.

It is important to note that most bicycles on Nigerian streets are already used bicycles imported from abroad.

The prices of these type of bicycle cannot be equated with the price of brand new bicycles.

Also, adult bicycle is like to cost more in price than children’s bicycle.

So these are some of the thing that determines the prices and cost of bicycles in Nigeria market.

Bicycles Types in Nigeria

There are numerous types of bicycles or bikes in the market but only very few is prevalent in the Nigerian market. Some of the types of bicycles in Nigeria includes.

Road Bikes

These are bicycles that are manufactured to cycle and run efficiently and effectively on the roads and asphalt unlike mountains and rocky and rough surfaces.

This is the type of bicycle that is highly prevalent in Nigeria.

Electric Bikes

Electric bicycles are gradually gaining attention and patronage in Nigeria.

As the name suggest, it is bicycle that combines electric components.

It has battery and silent motor and as such its heavier and moves with the help of motor.

So, cyclist need not to pedal all along while riding electric bike.

Kids/Children Bikes

This are bikes specific manufactured and designed for kids and children.

This is one of the most sought after type of bicycles in Nigeria.

Prices of Bicycles in Nigeria

Below is the price list of brand new bicycles in Nigeria.

This includes the prices of children bicycles, prices of sports bicycles and electric bicycles prices in Nigeria.

Some of these bicycle prices here might differ a bit from what obtains in the market.

However, this will give you an idea of what to budget when buying or deciding to buy a bicycles in Nigeria.

  • Sports Boys Bicycle – Ranger 20″ For Ages 9-15 = N29,500 – N33,000
  • Universal Action Sport 16″ BMX Bicycle 6 – 12 Years = N24,000 – N30,000
  • Cycling Bicycles = N120,000 – N210,000
  • 26” Aluminum MTB Bicycle = N140,000 – N200,000
  • Hummer Adult Bicycle = N140,000 – N220,000
  • Babies Bicycles = N10,000 – N40,000
  • Fat Tyre Bicycles = N200,000 – N290,000
  • Toddlers Bicycles = N20,000 – N40,000
  • Teens Bicycles = N40,000 – N50,000

Prices of Direct Belgium/Tokunbo Bicycles in Nigeria

Already used bikes are very popular in Nigeria. This bicycles are popularly called direct Belgium or tokunbo bicycle in Nigeria.

This is the price of these type of bicycles in Nigeria.

This is where you can also get the price of children bicycles and prices of sports bicycles in Nigeria.

  • Belgium/Tokunbo Babies Bicycles = N8,000 – N14,000
  • Belgium /Tokunbo Toddler Bicycles = N9,000 – N15,000
  • Belgium /Tokunbo Sport Bicycles === N16,000 – N25,000


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