List of Biggest & Best Shopping Malls in Enugu (2024)

Best and biggest major shopping malls in Enugu city state will be discussed in this post.

Shopping malls in Enugu State

Shopping malls in Enugu has continued to increase as the people of coal city keeps embracing & maximizing one stop shop and retail shopping centers.

Biggest and major shopping mall investors has found Enugu to be the most attractive city in southeast for establishment of shopping centers and malls.

The existence of major and numerous shopping malls in Enugu can be linked to the city being a heavily civil servants based city.

Hence these people have limited times for open market shopping.

The major biggest shopping malls in Enugu state are concentrated in the capital which is Enugu.

In this post ,we will review the list of all shopping malls in Enugu and their locations.

Also, this article will help readers find the best shopping malls in Enugu as well Enugu biggest shopping malls and centers.

All Shopping Malls & Centers in Enugu

Below is the list of all shopping malls in Enugu city and where these Enugu shopping malls are located.

To also be discovered in this article is the shopping malls in Enugu with best price and most beautiful shopping malls in Enugu state.

Apart from purchasing of items and goods, shopping malls in Nigeria also serve as a place of social gatherings and leisure where people can meet friends and take pictures and check out new items in the market.

SPAR Shopping Mall, Enugu

SPAR Enugu is regarded as one of the best shopping malls and centers in Enugu.

The one stop shop is the best shopping center in Enugu for shopping of gloceries, provisions, electronics, household equipments etc.

SPAR is located in large expanse of land off the busy and bustling part of Enugu city.

It is the most beautiful shopping mall in Enugu state, Nigeria.

SPAR Location in Enugu: Off Presidential Road, Opposite Okpara Square (Around IMT), Independence Layout, Enugu Nigeria.

Shoprite Enugu

Shoprite is one of the most popular and most visited shopping malls and centers in Enugu state.

It is also one of the oldest and major shopping centers in Enugu for one stop shop.

The shopping mall is located at the heart of Enugu city and is one of Enugu biggest malls.

It is a good place for general shopping of all kinds of goods and stock in Enugu.

It is also a safe place for shopping in Enugu.

Shoprite Enugu Location: Polo Park Amusement Centre, Abakaliki Road, Nigeria.

Game Store Enugu

Game Store is another big and top shopping mall in Enugu.

Game Store Enugu is a good place for buying of gloceries, provisions, foods and vegetables etc. It one of the best one stop shop centers in Enugu Nigeria.

Location of Game Store Enugu: Polo Park Amusement Centre, Abakaliki Road, Nigeria.

Market Square Enugu

Market Square is another top and major shopping mall in Enugu, Nigeria.

Market Square,is a fine place to shop in Enugu and meet people too.

It is one of the biggest one stop shop with bakery. Market Square is the shopping mall with best bread in Enugu.

Location of Market Square Enugu Mall: Ogui Rd, New Haven 400102, Enugu.

Roban Stores, Enugu

Roban Stores Enugu is one of the biggest and best shopping centre in Enugu.

It is one of the major shopping malls in Enugu and is also a good one stop shop and retailer where prices are good and cheap.

Roban stores offer varieties of goods and virtually every house hold equipments.

Roban Stores location in Enugu: 105 Agbani Rd, Achara, Enugu, Nigeria.


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