Cost of Billboard Advertising in Nigeria (2023)

How Much is The Cost of Billboard Advertising in Nigeria

Outdoor media are some of the most effective advertising media in Nigeria.

Cost of Billboard Advertising in Nigeria

The popularity of billboard advertising in Nigeria is enormous and high.

This makes billboard advertising potent media for companies, individuals and Non Governmental Organization (NGOs).

In this post, our focus will be on the cost of advertising on billboards in Nigeria.

We will seek to find out how much it costs to place billboards advertising across major cities of Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Anambra, Enugu etc using this post.

Often times people ask what is the price of billboard advertising in Nigeria.

One of the best ways of getting messages across to the masses be it paid promotional messages or public service information is to put them up on billboards in strategic locations in Nigerian cities.

This is why despite Television, Radio or online advertising, companies and firms still spend very highly erecting billboards to sell their products or services to the general public.

In this post, we will be dissecting how much billboard advertising costs in Nigeria.

We will specifically be discussing the cost of billboard advertising in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt & Enugu.

This will be presenting billboards advertising costs across major Nigerian cities.

How To Advertise on Billboards in Nigeria

What is the price for billboard advertising in Nigeria?

Every advertisement be it television or billboards adverts must be vetted by Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON).

This is the body charged by law for regulation of advertisements in Nigeria.

In case of billboards advertising, an advertiser can choose to purchase an advertising space from agency or erect an entire new advert space.

Irrespective of billboard advert space ownership, vetting fees must be paid to APCON alongside tax for the advert space.

Oftentimes, the best and most strategic locations in cities for billboard adverts are already procured and owned outdoor ads agencies who are willing to lease or rent out the spaces for adverts over specified periods of time.

So, If you want to run an outdoor ads specifically, billboard advertising, you can either go through ads agencies who will provide most logistics or do an independent billboard campaigns or advert.

However, experience has shown that it is more cheaper and effective to work with ads agencies when considering billboards advertising in Nigeria.

Things To Consider in Billboard Advertising in Nigeria

Rent / Lease

It is important that you consider the cost of renting advert space for billboard advertising in Nigeria.

The cost of renting advert space in Nigeria differs from city to city and from neighborhoods to neighborhoods.

There are some cities that are high or prime target cities and there are some parts of city that are high target or demand location for billboards advertising.

All these affect the price advertiser can pay for renting billboard space.

Printing / Shooting Cost

Also to be considered before and during planing of billboard advertising in Nigeria is the cost of printing of the advert message incase of static billboards or cost of shooting incase if it is electronic or digital billboard.

Of course static billboards are more traditional and widely used in Nigeria.

In this type of billboard, advert messages are printed in fabrics and mounted for specific period of time.

The larger the banner, the more expensive the cost of printing.

Ads Vetting Fees

Advertising fees or vetting fees for every advert will be paid to APCON.

Charges are some times based on the type of advert and location of the billboards.

This is body that moderates advertising in Nigeria.

Duration of Advert

The life span or how long the advert is supposed to last is also determined by how much an advertiser can offer.

Of course, 12 months billboard advert will definitely have high cost compare to 6 months advert duration.

All these are some of the basic issues that make up cost of billboards advertising in Nigeria.

Cost of Billboard Advertising in Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital is the city with highest number of billboard adverts in Nigeria.

As such, cost of billboards adverts in Lagos is most expensive in Nigeria.

The type of billboard, location of billboard and duration are some of the factors that play on cost of billboard advertising both in Lagos and across Nigeria.

Billboard advertising in Lagos can cost between N200,000 to 3 million depending on above states factors.

Renting an ad space for billboard in Lagos can cost between N1.5 million to 3 million depending on the location.

This amount can be higher if the duration the billboard is meant to last is longer than 3 months or if the location of the billboard is high target.

Also, the price for renting or putting up billboard adverts in Lagos can be higher if it is a digital billboard.

After renting of ad space, then comes printing of ads and payment of vetting fees to APCON.

So, in summary, cost of billboards advertising in Lagos prime locations like Ikeja, VI, Lekki can cost around 3 million for 3 months.

Also, these locations are good and best locations for billboard advertising in Lagos,Nigeria.

The cost of renting a space in digital billboard in Lagos is from 1.5 million and above, depending on location and duration.

Cost of Billboard Advertising in Abuja

Abuja, the capital of Nigeria is also witnessing some of the highest number of billboards in Nigeria.

The the cost of billboard advertising in Abuja is cheaper when compared to Lagos.

A billboard adverts in Abuja prime locations like Wuse, Maitama Garki cost around N2 million to 2.5 million for 3 months duration.

The stated locations are best areas for billboard adverts in Abuja.

This cost is subject to the factors we listed above.

Cost of Billboard Advertising in Port Harcourt

Billboard Advertising in Port Harcourt are also very popular.

As usual, there are some locations in Port Harcourt that are considered best for billboards advertising.

Some of these locations are Ikweres Road, Aba Road, Ada George and Airport Road.

The cost of billboards advertising in the Port Harcourt high target areas is around N2 million for period of 3 months.

Cost of Billboard Advertising in Enugu

Billboard Advertising in Enugu is also very common and visible.

Best locations for billboard adverts in Enugu are Ogui Road, Otigba Junction, Holy Ghost etc.

Cost of billboards ads in Enugu is around N1.8 million for duration of 3 Months.

Cost of Billboard Advertising in Onitsha

The best areas for mounting of billboards adverts in Onitsha are Upper Iweka axis, Awka Roads, Limca Road.

The cost of billboards advertising in Onitsha is around N1.5 million for those high target locations for billboard adverts in Onitsha.

Best place to place billboard adverts in Onitsha is at upper iweka area of Onitsha.


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