Block Industry Business in Nigeria: How To Start

This article will center on how to start business of building block industry in Nigeria. Tips for starting successful block industry in Nigeria.

Making of building blocks is a very popular and viable business in construction industry.

The business of making and selling of block is considered a top business which can fetch you high revenue.

This is because, the resolve for acquisition of shelter will continue to exist with man.

Before now, many people prefer to make their building blocks through engaging services of block moulders.

Time have changed, people now patronise heavily commercial block dealers for their building projects.

This have given rise to many entrepreneurs going into block making and selling in Nigeria.

In this article, we will be providing you with successful tips for starting block industry business in Nigeria.

This post will answer salient questions boardering on starting block industry in Nigeria such as: how Profitable or lucrative is block industry business in Nigeria and how much can be enough to start block industry in Nigeria as well as is block industry a good business in Nigeria.

All these and more will be reviewed to make sense out of queries relating to how to start a successful block industry business in Nigeria.

How to Start Block Industry Business in Nigeria

Starting a block industry in Nigeria do not require special expertise nor above roof amounts.

To start successful block making industry in Nigeria requires critical thinking and being creative.

Here are some logistics that you should consider while you plan to execute your plan of setting up block making industry in Nigeria.


To start block making industry in Nigeria, a good capital is required.

We will resist pegging or stating amount that would be enough or needed to start up block moulding industry.

This is because some logistics for the business like block making machines are of different types and cost different prices too.

So, discretion might be required when buying block making machine for your block industry.

However, you should set aside capital that would take care of the following logistics:

Industry Site- Block industry should be sited in an accessible location where it would be easy and seamless to go in and out with especially using heavy duty trucks.

Block Making Machines– Best output block making machines should be considered.

The most durable and easy to operate block moulding machines should be put into cognizance.

This is because there are numerous types of block making machines.

Stores for Cement and Light Implements– There should be stores where materials like cements and other light implements should be stored and secured

Admin Office – This where cashiers operates from and administer the administration part of the industry.

Water Source– you cannot operate a block industry without stable water source.

This is because water is an integral part of block making process. So having a water tanker or drilling of borehole should be in the top agenda.

Cements– Cements must be sourced at good prices so as to maximize profits.

Sands – Also, sand should be bought at good rates. This is because the blocks is for your commercial purposes. Here is the current price of sands in Nigeria.

Truck– for effective sales and supply of blocks, having a truck for this business would help a lot.

Manpower– bring in industrious workers who would man the block making machines and other logistics within the block making industry should also be given priority.

These are some major critical logistics that you should look at as you budget or source capital for starting block making industry in Nigeria.

Cost of Starting Block Moulding Industry in Nigeria

It would be impossible to give a definite cost of setting up block industry in Nigeria.

As earlier stated, the level of operations and the type of machines to be used determines the cost of starting block industry in Nigeria.

So, because the industry can be started at different levels, the cost or amount of money required to start block making industry in Nigeria is relative.

However, for starting the business on a small scale, it would require minimum of N3 million to start and run a viable block industry business in Nigeria.

But larger scale block making industry business in Nigeria would require upto N15 million to set up and run with sophisticated block making machines.

How Lucrative/Profitable is Block Moulding Industry in Nigeria

The question of how profitable is block industry business in Nigeria would continue to arise especially among potential investors in the business.

While the business requires significant logistics to set up, it is a business with long term growth and benefits.

The gains or profit in selling block is between N100 – N150.

It is a commodity that people buy in large quantities and it is profit yielding as well as fast moving.

It is a good business for retired civil servants looking for where to invest at.

Block industry is lucrative and profitable to set up block making industry in Nigeria because Nigeria housing system is heavily done using blocks.

So, starting block industry in Nigeria can be considered a very good business.


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