Price of Block Moulding Machines in Nigeria

Block moulding machines prices and cost would form the major subject of discussion in this post.

Building blocks made from cements, sands and water is one of the major building equipments in Nigeria.

Most structure and buildings in Nigeria are formed from block.

Hence making of blocks is lucrative business in Nigeria.

Before now, moulding of blocks is facilitated heavily using manual block moulder.

To increase productivity, technology has seen invention of automated hydraulic block making machines.

These blocks moulding machines ensures increasesd block productions through manipulation of machine.

They also make efficiency in block making possible.

Block moulding machine are mostly sought after by those who engage in commercial production of building block.

It is a way to go if you plan starting block industry in Nigeria.

However, it is important to note the the cost of block moulding machine in Nigeria is not cheap.

Nevertheless, there are certain block making machine cost which can be considered cheaper.

Also, there are numerous types of block making machines in Nigeria.

These different block moulding machines comes as varying prices and costs depending majorly on their functions and specifications.

In this article, we will review block moulding costs in Nigeria.

Block Moulding/Making Machine Costs in Nigeria

We undertook a survey to find how much block moulding machines are sold in Nigeria.

We found that the price of block moulding machine in Nigeria is largely determined by the functions and specifications of the block moulding machine.

Inotherwords, the type of block moulding machines determines its prices.

Some block making machines are more automated than others.

Some automated block making machines requires some significant level of manual operations and aid while others needs very little manual aid.

These are some major factors that play on the cost of block moulding machines in Nigeria.

Here are some different types of block moulding machines and their prices in Nigeria.

Price of Mobile Hydraulic Concrete Block Moulding Machine – N1.8 million – N2.4 million

This is one of the highly automated block moulding machines in Nigeria.

It a good block moulding machine for running of block industry where concrete blocks like like building blocks are produced.

It is one of the best block making machines in Nigeria. It also represents block moulding machine price in Nigeria.


  • Requires just 4 persons for operation.
  • Produces 5 pieces of 6-inch blocks per minute.
  • Produces 4 pieces of 9-inch blocks per minute.
  • Produces 24 pieces of interlocking blocks per minute.
  • Produces up to three thousand blocks daily.
  • Powered by a 6-horsepower r180n diesel engine.
  • High level of vibration.
  • It can produce 4-inch, 6-inch, and 9-inch blocks simultaneously.

Price of Semi- automated Hydraulic Block Making Machine – N250,000 – N450,000

This is one of the easily available block moulding machines in Nigeria.

It is a locally fabricated block moulding machines which requires heavy human operations for its production.


  • It can mould up to 6 blocks simultaneously.
  • Increased manual operation.
  • Very durable and strong.

Price of Fully Automated Hydraulic Block & Bricks Making Machine – N8 million – N11 million

This is one of the best blocks making machines in Nigeria.

It is fully automated and requires very little human assistance.

It can also be used for making of different types of block which includes cement and concrete blocks of different inches and designs like hollow blocks.


  • Strong conveyor belt to move the concrete mixture into different moulds.
  • Powerful mixer for mixing cement, water, and sand.
  • Allows the use of different moulds.
  • Simultaneous action of a vibrator and hydraulic press.

Cost of Multi-functional Hydraulic Block Making Machine – N700,000 – N750,000

The multi-functional concrete block moulding machine is another block machine with a fair price which is estimated between N700,000 to N750,000.

It is used for making of concrete blocks of different sizes and designs too.


  • It can be powered by a 3.5KVA generator.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • It is very portable.
  • It is an Automated block-making machine.
  • Produces 1000 pieces of 6-inch blocks per 8 hours.
  • Produces 1500 pieces of 9-inch blocks per 8 hours.
  • It can produce with a pallet or without it.

Price of Electric Concrete Block making machine – N400,000 – N600,000

Electric concrete block making machines cost between N400k and 600k.

It is one of the fast block making machines in Nigeria. It is power by electric motor.


  • It is designed to mould 6-inch and 9-inch blocks.
  • Suitable for commercial and personal block production.
  • It can be powered by electricity and a Lister generator.
  • It produces high level of vibration to ensure the production of high-quality blocks.

It is imperative to note that the price of these block making machines as state herein are estimates prices.

There is bound to be disparities across major markets and dealers of block making machines in Nigeria.

Hence, this post is aimed at giving you an idea of how much to budget as you set out to make purchase or procurement of block making machine in Nigeria.


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