Canada or UK Which is Easy & Best for Abroad Study from Nigeria

Canada and United Kingdom remain two top destination for international studies among Nigeria students.

Canada & UK which is Easy to get Student's Visa in Nigeria


This is because of certain factors which makes abroad studies flexible for Nigerian students in Canada and UK.

Annually, numerous students from Nigeria apply to study at either Cananda or UK.

Mostly, this is for graduate studies which is usually done by students with degrees.

Oftentimes, many intending and prospective graduate students from Nigeria intending to engage in abroad studies are in delimma of picking their country of study.

Nevertheless, Canada and UK has remained the top choice for Nigerian students seeking abroad studies for the following reasons:



Bilateral Relations

This is why many Nigerian students prefer to either study in Canada or in the UK.

The process of obtaining study permit and visa for both Canada and UK in Nigeria share some similarities and also differs as well.

The process of obtaining study visa for both Canada and UK in Nigeria share similarities in the sense that the both countries adopts filling methods.

This is method where applicants submits all the requirements documents while visa officers go through them and either approve or decline the visa.

Inotherwords, no visa interview is needed unlike for migration into other countries such as USA.

However, the requirements for abroad studies and visa for Uk and Canada is very different as their visa requirements for UK and Canada in Nigeria differs.

While both countries offer international students like Nigerians quality education, health insurance and strong economy, choosing between UK and Canada which country is easy to study at can leave many in delimma.

Here is our take on which country between Canada and UK is easy to get for abroad studies.

Between UK & Canada Which is Easy to Move to for Abroad Studies

From experience and based on findings, the requirements for getting visa and moving to UK is much flexible than Canada.

The weather in UK is much favourable to Nigerians and the country boost of solid infrastructure.

Also, proof of funds for UK study visa can be so flexible that even 30 days bank balance can be used unlike Canada which requires about 6 months financial balance and capacity.

Tuition part payments is easily acceptable in UK unlike in Canada where some schools might demand upto 50% of tuition payment before seat reservation for the program.

However, Canada study visa offer more citizenship route for international students unlike UK which study visa isn’t guarantee for citizenship.

Above all, it is easy to obtain UK study visa from Nigeria than Canadian study visa.

Mostimes, students who come up with all required documents and papers are easily given study visa by UK in Nigeria.

Same cannot be said of Canada which most times despite meeting up with all requirements can refuse applicants study visa or permit maybe based one minor technicalities.

So, our verdict is that it is easier to obtain and get student’s visa for UK than Canada in Nigeria.

How Much Can Be Used to Apply & Process Canada Student’s Visa in Nigeria

Canada study permit visa or student’s visa requires reasonable amount to be processed in Nigeria.

This is because you will be paying for school admission applications and will also make deposits of tuition if given admission.

Proof of fund can be sponsored by either parents, relative or working place.

However, the average cost of processing student’s visa application for Canada in Nigeria is dependent on the school being applied for .

For universities in Canada, you do be paying more in tuition deposits because of their annual tuition.But colleges are way cheaper and flexible too.

To process student’s visa for Canada in Nigeria, it would cost average of N4.5 million and this includes tuition deposit.

However, this estimated cost for Canada student’s visa and admission application in Nigeria is excluding of proof of fund which is stipulated at $10,000 CAD.


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