Cost of Car Tracker in Nigeria (2023)

How Much Does It Cost To Install Car Tracker in Nigeria

Technology is helping combat car theft and inappropriate usage in Nigeria through the use of car trackers.

Cost of car tracker in Nigeria

In this article, we will be discussing the price of putting car tracker in Nigeria.

Car tracker installation costs in Nigeria though very high is one of the security measures which can help you safeguard your cars especially in high prone car theft territories in Nigeria.

Many car owners and motorists are adopting car tracker as one of the ways of securing and keeping their cars and vehicles safe.

Also, public transportation companies are fast embracing the technology as it helps them monitor the operations of their vehicles.

Car tracker can help you recover and secured your expensive stolen ride with ease.

This highlight the import of having a car tracker especially in Nigeria.

One of the frequently asked questions about car tracking in Nigeria is how much it cost to put car tracker in Nigeria.

All these are more will be dissected in this post.

Car Tracking Companies in Nigeria

Car tracker is a GPS device that work with telecommunications networks that can be installed in a vehicle to give informations such as location and status of the vehicle in real times.

In some cases, they can also be used to operate and command vehicles.

There are many companies that offer car tracking services in Nigeria.

The best car tracking companies in Nigeria are those that are licenced by Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC).

So, only NCC approved car tracking companies in Nigeria are legally allowed to carry out the car tracking functions and car tracking business in Nigeria.

So, when trying to get car tracker for your cars and vehicles, insist and patronize only NCC licensed car tracking companies.

Cost of Installing Car Tracker in Nigeria

The price for installation of car tracker in Nigeria is dependent on certain variables such as company involved and car tracking functions.

Some car tracking companies charges cheaper than others.

Also, car tracking that involves many features like knowing of location, status of vehicle and speed and map of location of vehicle usually cost higher price than car tracking that involves giving just location of vehicle.

So these are some of the factors that determines how much car tracker costs in Nigeria.

Based on what obtain in the industry currently, the average cost of car tracker in Nigeria ranges between N40,000 to N65,000.

This is usually followed by some annually renewal fees or cost of around N10,000 or above, depending on company and tracking function in use.

The disparity in these car tracker amount is based on function the tracker will offer.

So, if you are seeking to know how much you can use to put or install car tracker in Nigeria, then budget the above stated amount.

However, for more sophisticated car trackers which can also be used to stop and lock vehicles, the cost and price will be higher than just car location tracker.

Top Car Tracking Companies in Nigeria

As obtained in every industry, there are some car tracking companies in Nigeria that are highly rated.

These are some of the most trusted car tracking companies in Nigeria.

All these car tracking companies listed below are some of the best car tracking companies in Lagos.

They also have offices across most major cities in Nigeria like Onitsha, Port Harcourt ,Enugu, Abuja, Uyo, Osogbo etc.

Below is list of car tracking companies in Nigeria.

  • Car Tracker Nigeria
  • Car Tracking Nigeria
  • GPS Vehicle Tracker
  • Envoy Continental Car Tracking Ltd
  • GPS Car Tracking Service
  • Olive Track Limited
  • Autotech Tracker
  • Auto Tracker Nigeria


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