Cargo Tricycle Price in Nigeria (2023)

The current price of cargo tricycle in Nigeria will be our main focus in this post.

Price of cargo tricycle in Nigeria

Tricycles have become dominant on the Nigeria roads and this has affected how much tricycles are sold in Nigeria.

There are two major and most widely used tricycles in Nigeria and they are: Cargo tricycle and passenger (Keke Napep) tricycle.

While passenger tricycle is used to convey people from place to place, cargo tricycle is used for movement of goods.

Our focus in this article will be on cargo tricycle prices in Nigeria.

Cargo tricycle is more prevalent across major markets and cities in Nigeria.

They mostly used for logistics and movements of goods as well as supply.

It is a good alternative to vehicle in supply business or movement of goods and stock.

Most of cargo tricycles in Nigeria are assembled in the country by different companies.

Despite the status quo of most tricycles in Nigeria being locally manufactured, the price of cargo tricycle is also equal to the passenger tricycle.

Cargo tricycle comes either in all open cargo tricycle or in driver closed cargo tricycle.

However,the most prevalent type of cargo tricycle in Nigeria is the all open cargo tricycle.

So, in this post, discover the best cargo tricycles in Nigeria and their prices.

Price of Cargo Tricycles in Nigeria

The average cost of cargo tricycle in Nigeria is N950,000.

This is the price of brand new cargo tricycle which is obtainable in Nigeria.

Below is the price of different brands of Cargo tricycles in Nigeria.

  • Haojin Cargo Tricycle Price – N860,000 – N980,000
  • Dayun Cargo Tricycle Price- N900,000 – N950,000
  • Daylong Cargo Tricycle Price – N1,000,000 – N1,100,000
  • Bazuki Cargo Tricycle Price N970,000 – N1,050,000
  • Skygo Moto Cargo Tricycle Price- N900,000 – N1,000,000
  • Nasara Motor Cargo Tricycle Price- N900,000 -N1,150,000

These prices of Cargo tricycles can also vary from different dealers and merchant.

However, this price list is well within to serve as budget guide for the cost of cargo tricycle in Nigeria.

These cargo tricycles listed above are some of the best and long lasting cargo tricycles with strong body parts.

Most cargo tricycle in Nigeria is used for commercial needs and for movement of goods and logistics.

This is why certain factors must be considered before buying cargo tricycle in Nigeria.

When buying cargo tricycle, one of the important things to consider is the engine capacity and power.

This is very important because the tricycle will be used to convey very heavy items and goods.

So,it will require a good and powerful engine that can give the tricycle the needed power and energy.

Also,the size of the tricycle cargo should also matter.

This is is because the amount of load or goods the cargo tricycle can hold will be determined by the size of the cargo tricycle carrier.

It is one the determiners for the price of cargo tricycle in Nigeria.

Another factor to consider when buying cargo tricycle is the type of gear selections.

While many of the cargo tricycles are manual gear selection, very few are automatic.

However,the manual has been the most prevalent and used cargo tricycle in Nigeria.

It give the drivers much more control over the movement of the cargo tricycle.


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        How much Sir, and how durable are they?

        1. It is already in the article,just read thoroughly

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