How to Calculate Proof of Funds for Canada Student Visa

This post will review how to calculate your proof of funds for Canada student Visa as an international student. Annually Canada welcomes thousands of international students for various academic and vocational studies. The high number of international students moving to Canada annually may not be unconnected to the top notch state of art learning facilities … Read more

When Can I Withdraw My Proof of Funds for Canada Study Visa?

Often, international student enroute Canada, encounter financial challenges which threaten their study visa approval. One of the major financial requirements for obtaining Canada study Visa is proof of having enough financial strength to undertake international studies in Canada. This is popularly known as proof of funds and most students finds the money involved here very … Read more

How Much is Proof of Fund for Canada Students Visa in Nigeria (Naira)?

A lot Nigeria students embark on abroad studies at the North American country of Canada. Canada is one of the world’s top study destinations for international students which is attractive to many Nigerian students. Apart from world class and state of art learning facility in the country, the economic benefits which the country offer is … Read more

How to Pay Abroad School Fees & Tuition From Nigeria

Canada or UK which is easy for study abroad visa in Nigeria

A good number of Nigerians are embracing abroad studies especially for postgraduate Programs. Many prospective Nigerian students who embark on studies abroad are usually faced with numerous challenges of which how to pay school fees for schools in UK, Canada,USA from Nigeria is one of the major challenges. Ordinarily, international payments shouldn’t be rigid as … Read more