CBN Salary Structure & Pay Scale (2023)

How Much Salary CBN Pay Staff

The Nigeria Apex bank, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is one of best government agencies to work for.

CBN salary structure

The reasons are not far fetched, CBN salary for its staff is very attractive and juicy.

Apart from basic salary of staff of CBN, the workers of the Nigeria banker’s s bank enjoys wonderful working environments and conditions.

Training allowances at CBN as well as bonuses enjoyed by staff of Central Bank of Nigeria is one of the best among government agencies in Nigeria.

The monthly salaries and allowances of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) staff and workers will be talked about in this post.

Information concerning Salary of staff of CBN in Nigeria always comes with keen interest.

This because, in Nigeria, banking sector is one of the highest paying private sectors in the country.

In this article, every information concerning CBN salaries and pay scale will be discussed.

These are information such as :How Much Does CBN pay its Staff, what is the salary of new staff at CBN as well as what is the salary of experience hire at CBN.

For our audience who have ambitions or interests in serving or working at Nigerian apex Bank, this post will be highly significant.

Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN): Highest Ranking Bank in Nigeria

Central Bank of Nigeria is the apex bank in Nigeria.

It is the mother of all banks in Nigeria. The CBN regulates monetary and fiscal policy in Nigeria.

The bank also regulates activities of all commercial banks as well as other banks in Nigeria.

The bank formulates economic policies that help in growth and development of the country’s economy.

The bank is headed by a governor which is highest rank in CBN.

The governor is appointed by President for a specific tenure and subjects to reappointment.

CBN has branches across all 36 states of Nigeria and FCT as well as regional headquarters.

CBN Salary Structure: How Much CBN Staff Earn as Salaries

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of salary of CBN staff in Nigeria.

This information is based of research and interviews from current and retired staff of Central Bank of Nigeria.

CBN Salary for Graduate Trainee

CBN Salary for new staff undergoing training is between N60,000 to N100,000 per month.

These class of staff are known as graduate trainee.

They are new employed staff undergoing training.

These are training geared towards equipping the newly recruited staff of CBN with the bank’s principles, practices and culture.

During this training, the newly recruited graduates are paid.

Also, at the end of the training, training allowance will be paid.

According to multiple online sources, training allowances for new staff of CBN is around N1.2 million.

CBN Salary for Entry Level Staff

In this section, we will talk about the salary of new staff of CBN.

Newly employed staff of CBN with university degree earn around N220,000 per month.

These category of CBN staff are often referred to as entry level staff.

CBN Salary for Experienced Staff

Experienced staff of Central Bank of Nigeria, like branch mangers, director corporate communications, director financial markets, director banking operations, credit Officer and Analysts earn over N500,000 per month as Salaries in Central Bank of Nigeria.

The good and interesting things about working at CBN is the working condition and environment.

Also, allowances and bonuses enjoyed by staff of CBN is mouth-watering.

It is one of the best government agencies to work for in Nigeria.


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