Cheapest Airlines in Nigeria (2024)

Most Affordable Airlines in Nigeria

Aviation industry in Nigeria is on a steady growth and expansion as more Nigerians embrace air travels.

Cheapest airlines in Nigeria

Air travel though the fastest means of transportation is the most expensive means of transportation too.

The price and cost of airline tickets has largely affected and is affecting the number of air travelers in Nigeria.

Many travelers who wish to fly oftentime resort to other means of transportation as a result of cost of flight tickets associated with air transportation both Nigeria and globally.

Nevertheless, the industry has grown over the last ten years with emergency of more airlines especially in the local industry.

This has increased competition among airlines in Nigeria and led to competitive price and cost of airline tickets in Nigeria especially for local flights.

Some airlines in Nigeria have become household name in the local airways as result of their quality service and cheap flight tickets in Nigeria.

In this article we will be bringing to our readers cheapest airlines in Nigeria for local flights.

Nigeria Cheapest Airlines for Local Travels

Cost of airlines flight tickets in Nigeria varies from season to out of season.

During the yuletide and sallah celebrations, airlines tickets is considerable high compared to out of seasons.

To ascertain airlines with cheapest tickets in Nigeria we did a comparative analysis of the cost of airlines tickets in Nigeria during festive season and ordinary time.

This helped us to come up with list of cheapest airlines in Nigeria for local travelers.

Below is the roll call of Nigerian’s airlines with cheapest tickets.

Air Peace

Nigeria’s indigenous airline owned by popular philanthropist Allen Onyema, is rated one of the cheapest airlines in Nigeria for local flights.

The airlines is one of the Nigeria’s most used airlines and this was brought about by competitive price set by Air Peace.

It is also one of the most traveled local airlines in Nigeria.

Air Peace can be used to fly to & fro major cites like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Kano, Asaba, Uyo etc in Nigeria.

Air Peace offer very cheap flight tickets for local flights passengers who booked early.

The average cost of flight tickets for local flights in Air Peace is N24,000.

Dana Air

Dana Air is another Nigerian local airline with cheapest flight tickets.

Dana Air is a very prominent and highly patronized airline in Nigeria.

One of the major reasons it is so is as result of their competitive flight tickets around Nigeria which one of the cheapest flight tickets among Nigerian airlines.

Dana Air is owned by group of foreigners but has dominated Nigerian air space for over a decade.

Average cost of Dana Air flight ticket in Nigeria is around N25,000.

Dana Air also flies around Nigeria’s major cities.


Medview is another prominent local flight in Nigeria with cheapest flight tickets.

Average cost of local flight tickets of Medview in Nigeria is around N24,000.

The airline also flies some international routes like Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Dubai etc.

It is an airline with cheap flight tickets in Nigeria for local travels.

Arik Air

Arik Air also offer cheapest flights tickets around Nigeria.

The airline has been operational in Nigeria for over a decade.

Average cost of local flight tickets with Arik Air is N23,000.

The airline flies to & fro major Nigerian cities such as Lagos, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Asaba, Kano etc.

Air passengers enjoys cheapest airline tickets with Arik Air when they book early online.

Max Air

Max Air is also one of Nigerian’s most affordable airlines with cheapest flight tickets.

Max Air also offer international flights from Nigeria.

The average cost of local flight tickets with Max Air in Nigeria is N27,000.

Max Air, though not prominent and popular as some of the above is listed cheapest local flights in Nigeria, but is known for offering cheap and quality airline services.


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