Top 10 Cheapest Earbuds in Nigeria & Prices (2024)

This article is a review of the cheapest bluetooth earbuds in Nigeria.

Technological advancements has seen a rapid increase in the production and manufacture of wireless listening devices such as bluetooth earbuds, bluetooth earpiece , bluetooth headsets etc.

Many Nigerians are into heavy use of earbuds in Nigeria as there are numerous brands of bluetooth earbuds available in Nigeria.

One of the major factors people consider whenever earbuds are talked about in Nigeria is the prices of earbuds in Nigeria.

Unlike, the traditional wired earpiece, earbuds are not very cheap in Nigeria when compared to average price of the cheapest bluetooth earbuds in Nigeria.

As mentioned earlier, there are many brands of earbuds in Nigeria and these earbuds are of different qualities and prices too.

Despite the perceive expensive cost of earbuds in Nigeria, some earbuds are still considered cheap in Nigeria.

Hence, this blog post will look at the prices of the cheapest earbuds in Nigeria.

Prices of The Cheapest True Wireless Stereo Earbuds in Nigeria

The cheapest TWS earbuds in Nigeria is not of poor quality as some of these wireless earbuds are global brand.

They are simply an easily affordable wireless earbuds in Nigeria that is of cheap prices. Here is the Nigeria’s cheapest earbuds 2023.

It is also important to specify that this post will only consider in its cheapest earbuds ratings only two ears earbuds.

i9S True Wireless Stereo ( TWS) -N3500- N4000

i9S is currently the cheapest earbuds in Nigeria. It can regarded as the most affordable and cost effective bluetooth earbuds in Nigeria.

i9S comes with a rubber protective case which is used to cover the entire plastic case of the earbud.

It is purely wireless earbuds with quality sound especially when good ones are purchased.

The current retail price of i9S bluetooth in Nigeria ranges between N3500 to N4000.

It is no doubt the cheapest and most prevalent / used earbuds in Nigeria. It comes only in white colours and is very sleek and cool.

i9S does not have sensor as it the two pair of earbuds has power button attached to them.

The battery capacity of i9S is not so bad as the earbud can offer 4hrs talking time in one charge.

Inpod 12 – N4000 to N4500

Inpod 12 is also one of the cheapest earbuds in Nigeria and is closely modelled like i9s however it comes with sensor.

Inpod 12 comes in many colours unlike i9S. The price range of inpod 12 earbud in Nigeria is between N4000 to N4500.

It is among the most affordable earbuds in Nigeria. How long inpod 12 battery can last is dependent on usage.

Nevertheless, inpod 12 give users an average of 4 hrs talking time in one charge.

Airpod Pro – N5000 to N7000

Airpod Pro or Airpod 3 is one of the most popular and cheapest earbuds in Nigeria produced similar shape like Apple airpod 3.

Airpod pro is very common and highly used in Nigeria. The average cost of Airpod pro in Nigeria is N6000.

The earbud comes in numerous colours and has sensor attached to the both pairs of earbuds.

Airpod pro batteries can go a long way and give users about 4hrs talking time.

TWS 4 & TWS 02 – N6000 to N7500

TWS 04 and TWS 02 are some of the cheapest bluetooth earbuds you can find in Nigeria.

The earbud comes in mostly two brands of JBL and Samsung. It is a soft touch sensor earbuds which is long lasting too.

The earbud battery capacity can give users an average of 5 to 6 hours talking time.

The price range of this earbud is between N6000 to N7500.

It equally comes with a power bank which can facilitate quick reacharge of the earbud severally before direct current charging. It is 5.0 bluetooth version earbuds.

Oraimo Free Pods 2 – N9,900 -N11,000

Oraimo free pod 2 is among the cost effective earbuds in Nigeria. The product which is manufactured by renowned smart accessories makers, Oraimo is priced at approximately N10,000.

Oraimo free pod 2 is a truly wireless stereo earbud. The Oraimo free pod 2 supports Bluetooth version 5.0 which places it in the list of cheap earbuds to buy in Nigeria.

The battery capacity and performance of the Oraimo Freepods 2 is up to 82 hours on standby, 3.5 hours of playing, and 3 hours of conversation time.

The Oraimo Free Pod 2 small charging case allows users to charge the earbuds and increase their 3.5-hour music runtime to 24.5 hours thereby allowing you to use them all day long.

It is a very good bluetooth earbud that is very cheap in Nigeria.

Zealot T2 Earbuds – ₦7,000 – ₦8000

The Zealot T2 earbuds are also among the best and most affordable earbuds in Nigeria.

The average current price of Zealot T2 earbud in Nigeria is N7,000 . This pair of earbuds in Nigeria is unique in that they are manufactured in Apple’s airpod look alike.

The Zealot T2 earbuds provide excellent sound quality and amazing sensor touch controls.

The battery capacity is adequate, with the combined capacity of the earbud and charging case giving users about 18 hours of listening and talking time.

Tecno Hipods H2 – N9,900 – N11,000

Tecno Hipods 2 which cost an average of N10,000 is one of the cheapest earbuds available in Nigeria.

The 5.0 bluetooth enabled earbuds is built to complement the sound quality of Tecno smartphones and devices.

Tecno Hipods is of amazing sound quality and battery capacity which can produce over 6 hrs talking time.

The charging box is lightweight and stores power capacity of recharging the pods upto 3 times before direct current charge.

Tecno Hipod 2 is unarguably a very cheap earbud to buy in Nigeria.

F9 Max Buds+ – N9500 -N11,000

The average price of Buds+ earbud in Nigeria is about N9500 which ranked the wireless earbuds among the best and cheapest earbuds in Nigeria.

Buds+ earbuds is a 5.1 bluetooth version earbud which ensures long range coverage without interruption.

It comes with a power bank output which can be used in emergency to power your device such as smartphones.

Buds+ is sensor touch earbud which can enable you pick or drop calls through tapping the earbuds. It is an easily affordable earbuds in Nigeria.

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots -₦7500 -₦8500

The Xiaomi Redmi Airdots is easily affordable at average price of N8000 which makes them a very good and cheap bluetooth earbuds in Nigeria.

They are among the first version of Redmi Airdots that were produced. They are 5.0 bluetooth version supported and is of amazing sound quality.

It’s battery life can guarantee you about 6 hours talking time and music play.

The charging case can recharge the earbud a couple of times before needing direct current charge.

It is also sensor enabled and is very clear on calls too. This one of the most cheap bluetooth earbuds in Nigeria to buy.

New Age IBeat – N7000 – N7500

New Age earbuds are very cheap earbuds in Nigeria especially the New Age IBeat earbud.

The retail price of the cheapest New Age earbud is the N7000 and that earbud is IBeat.

It is TWS which is very comfortable on calls and sound. The New Age IBeat is 5.0 bluetooth supported which ensures good quality audio and long range connectivity.

This cheap wireless bluetooth earpiece in Nigeria is long lasting and is a product of Nigeria’s indigenous smart accessories makers,New Age.

The battery capacity is commendable and can offers average of 6hrs talking time. It is also rechargeable through its charging case.


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