Cheapest HP Laptops in Nigeria (2024)

The price of HP laptop computers in Nigeria is commensurate to the features and functions of the HP laptop. Get to find out the cheapest hp laptops in Nigeria through this article.

The use of HP laptop computers in Nigeria is very high and quite popular.

There are certain factors which has endeared HP laptops in the hearts of many computer users in Nigeria.

Some of the reasons why Nigerians prefer HP laptops includes but not limited to the following.

Battery Life of HP Laptop

HP laptop comes with a massive battery capacity which ensures longer usage of the computer when fully charged.

Battery capacity is highly considered when buying laptops in Nigeria as a result of epileptic power supply in Nigeria.

Design of HP Laptop

The design and sleek built of HP laptops makes is a top choice for laptop users in Nigeria.

Most HP laptops are well and beautiful designed which makes it attractive to buyers.

Specifications and Functions of HP Laptop

Another reason many Nigerians go for HP laptop is the functions and specifications.

HP laptops are usually loaded to perform some of the best and top computer processing tasks effortlessly.

Price and Cost of HP Laptop

Prices and how much HP laptops are sold in Nigeria play high role in its widely acceptance in Nigeria.

HP laptop is relative amongst the cheapest laptops in Nigeria.

Users always prefer getting best deals and when it comes to laptop prices and cost in Nigeria, HP is the leading brand for the most cost effective top brand laptop in Nigeria.

These are some of the factors that propels heavy usage of HP laptops in Nigeria.

In specific, we will elaborate on the price and cost of hp laptops in Nigeria in a bid to ascertain the cheapest hp laptops in Nigeria.

This will aid those who seek to buy good hp laptops that its price is cheap in Nigeria.

Prices of Cheapest HP Laptops in Nigeria

It is important to note that just as obtained in other laptop brands, the cost of particular hp laptop model is largely based on its features, functions and specifications.

In otherwords, the cheapest hp laptops in Nigeria wouldn’t outperform top and more expensive hp laptops in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, if you seek for hp laptops that can be used used for moderate functions, office engagements and IT engagements, these cheapest hp laptop fits in perfectly and should be considered.

So, here is the prices of cheapest hp laptops in Nigeria.

HP Stream 11 = N102,000 – N110,000

HP Stream 11 is one of the cheapest hp laptops in Nigeria that is perfect for students.

It has a large screen with 11.6″ display. It comes with a decent 4GB RAM and a 32GB hard disk.

Its processor is Celeron Dual-Core N4000 and it is also comes in window 10 operating system.

HP 14-DQ0003 = N130,000 – N147,000

HP 14-DQ0003 is another cost effective hp laptop in Nigeria that can be used for top tasks.

It is one of the good hp laptop with cheap price. HP 14-DQ0003 comes with 4GB RAM as well as 64GB hard disk (internal memory).

It is a window 10 laptop with Celeron Dual-Core N4020 1.1GHz processor. Above all it is a 14″ screen display laptop.

HP 14-DQ3010 = N151,000 – N164,500

HP 14-DQ3010 is one of the cheapest hp laptop models in Nigeria. It is a perfect hp laptop for video editing in Nigeria.

The 14″ screen display laptop comes with a massive 4GB RAM. The hard disk is 64GB worth of memory which makes it a high end laptop.

HP 14-CF2033 = N175,000 – N182,000

Another hp laptop that is considered cheap in Nigeria is the HP 14-CF2033.

The specifications of this laptop computer makes its price in Nigeria a bargain.

The 14″ screen display laptop is fast message processing laptop. It comes with 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM.

It’s processor is Pentium Silver N5030 1.1GHz. The window 10 laptop is rated one of the hp cheapest laptops in Nigeria with an average price of between N175,000 to N182,000.

HP Pavilion 11M-AP0023 = N195,000 -210,000

HP Pavilion 11M-AP0023 is also ranked among cheapest hp laptops in Nigeria considering the price range of all hp laptops in Nigeria.

The major specifications of this laptop include: 4GB RAM, 128GB hard disk , Pentium Silver N5030 processor and well as Windows 10 operating system.

It is one of the brand new hp laptops within range of N100,000 or below N200,000.


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