Cheapest MTN Data Plans in Nigeria (2024)

Current MTN Cheapest Data Plans

This post will be focus on MTN data plans that is cheap in Nigeria. Which MTN data plan is the cheapest? Fins out.

MTN Cheapest Data Plans in Nigeria

Data are as important as airtime in Nigeria. Majority of Nigerians rely on data from their mobile network providers to surf the internet.

Often, people complain of high cost of internet network data in Nigeria. This is why many subscribers are looking for Cheapest MTN one month data plans.

The quest for Cheapest MTN one month data plans has led to constant hacks or search of best and cheap data plans among different Nigerian telecommunications networks.

MTN is one of the biggest telecommunications network providers in Nigeria.

Many Nigerians rely on MTN data plan for their internet use.

As a result, we will be focusing on finding and discussing the best MTN data plans in Nigeria.

MTN cheapest data plans are not always open for all customers and subscribers.

Most times, these cheap MTN data plans are there for promotions and targeted at specific customers.

However, when compared with other telecommunications networks provider in Nigeria, MTN is the telecommunication network provider with the cheapest data plans.

It is also the network provider with the best and most reliable internet network.

Hence, it the network provider that is mostly used for internet in Nigeria.

In otherwords, MTN is the telecommunication network provider with highest number of internet and data subscribers.

This now bring us to the question what are the cheapest MTN data plans in Nigeria.

All these and more about cheapest MTN data plans will be discussed in this post.

MTN Cheapest Monthly Data Plans For Nigeria

It is important to point out that cheap data plans are determined by amount of data one get for money.

It is pertinent to note that a data plan can be cheap yet considered expensive to some subscribers whose income are might play a role in such opinion.

For instance, an MTN data plan that offer 24GB for N3500 is very cheap data plan.

This is so when you considered the amount of data being offered.

However, to some MTN internet subscribers, paying N3500 is considered so expensive.

So this is why we noted that an internet data plan for MTN is considered cheap based on class of subscribers.

However below are some of the cheapest MTN internet data plans in Nigeria.

Here are MTN Data Plans that is cheap.

  • 24GB for N3500 – 30 Days Validity
  • 40GB for N5000 – 30 Days Validity
  • 6GB for N1500 – 30 Days Validity
  • 3GB for N1000 – 30 Days Validity
  • 1.5GB for N300 – 7 Days Validity
  • 1GB for N200 – 7 Days Validity

These are currently MTN data plans that are the best and cheapest in Nigeria currently.

Also, the best way to find out the cheapest MTN data plan is to dial this MTN code for Cheapest data plans : *121#.

The dial code for MTN data plans will give you the following options to buy cheap MTN data bundles

  • Data4me
  • Top Deal

By following any of these two options will leave you with different available cheapest MTN data plans available to your line

How To Activate Cheap MTN Data Plans

How to get these MTN cheap data? While these data plans looks very cheap and inviting, it is not open to all subscribers.

Nevertheless, in most cases, every subscribers is given at random any of these good MTN data plan that is cheap.

So while some MTN subscribers get lucky and are offered bigger deals and varieties, some have lesser data deals and options to choose from.

This is how to activate these cheap MTN data plans.

Here we go, dial *121# on your MTN SIM card to confirm availability.

If available for the subscriber, an icon with “Data 4 Me” will pop up.

Click on “Data 4 Me” icon and choose the cheapest MTN data plan available for you and follow the instructions.


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