Cost of Child Adoption in Nigeria (2024)

Price of Adopting a Child in Nigeria

Child Adoption is a very popular practice in Nigeria for both couples and single parent.

Cost of adopting a child in Nigeria

Adopting a child in Nigeria comes with a process and fee.

The procedures for adopting a child in Nigeria usually differ from state to state.

This is because, laws on child adoption in Nigeria is exclusively reserved for states.

The Nigerian state is discouraging abortions in Nigeria.

As an alternative, people are advised to give up their child or children for adoption to intending couples or parent.

In Nigeria, both children of special needs and non special needs children can be adopted.

In this post, we will be discussing specifically, the cost of adopting a child in Nigeria, where to adopt a child in Nigeria and the procedure for child adoption in Nigeria.

This article we hope will come in handy for parent or couples who are open to getting child adoption in Nigeria.

Cost of Adoption in Nigeria

The current cost of child adoption in Nigeria ranges between N800,000 to N2,000,000 depending on certain factors and variables.

The Nigerian state is an African nation with multi ethnic nationalities.

The culture of Nigeria bequeath higher importance on certain gender, and thus usually play out in price of adopting a child in Nigeria.

The cost of adoption in Nigeria differs from gender and place of adoption.

Over the years, the cost of adopting a male child in Nigeria has always been more expensive than the girl child.

This some critics has attributed to the cultural orientation of Nigerians.

The cost of male child adoption in Nigeria ranges between N1,000,000 to N1,500,000 while the cost of adopting a girl child in Nigeria starts from N800,000.

This is the official fee for child adoption in Nigeria.

However, there have been many cases of child adoption with low cost in Nigeria in less official deals.

Intending couples and parent should beware of these places for cheap child adoption or places to adopt a child cheap in Nigeria.

This is because often, the deals end up raising more questions than answers.

Where To Adopt Child in Nigeria

The best place ot adopt a child in Nigeria is through registered orphanage homes in Nigeria.

These orphanage homes must work the state ministry of social welfare or equivalent.

So, the place to adopt a child in Nigeria is at registered orphanage homes.

It is easier when the orphanage is within your state of residence or state of origin.

This is where to adopt a child in Nigeria.

Procedures & Process of Child Adoption in Nigeria

The process of adopting a child in Nigeria is very rigorous.

This is because, it is a delicate exercise. In question relating to whom maybe adopted in Nigeria, the law according to child right act, only a juvenile can be adopted.

So, child adoption in states like Lagos, Anambra, Ogun, Rivers and Abuja where juvenile means children below 17 years.

While in other states like Edo and Delta, juvenile for adoption are those 18 years and below.

So these are people that are due for adoption in Nigeria.

Who can adopt a child in Nigeria? according to law both married couples and single parent can adopt in Nigeria, however, it is always stiff for single parent to carry out adoption in Nigeria.

Below are some procedures for adopting a child in Nigeria.

Apply for Adoption To Court

An application must be sent to court for adoption through orphanage home in conjuction with state ministry handling child adoption in Nigeria state.

It is the ministry having found the application worthy that forwards it to court for judge perusal.

Investigation of Couple or Parent

Another process of adopting a child in Nigeria is that applicants about to adopt will have to be investigated and their character approved for the process to move ahead.

Adoption Approval

Having met the above processes and procedures for child adoption in Nigeria, the court through judge can now approve or disapprove the adoption application.

Documents For Child Adoption in Nigeria

The following are documents needed for adopting a child in Nigeria

  • Marriage Certificate or Sworn Declaration of marriage. This is where applicants are married
  • Birth Certificate or Declaration of Age for Applicants or Applicant
  • Two Passport Photographs
  • Means of Citizenship Identification of Applicants / Applicant
  • Medical fitness Certificate of Applicants / Applicant
  • Evidence of Approval from Applicants
  • Evidence of attainment of 35 years in case of single parent and child be of same sex
  • Evidence by which the applicant will maintain the adopted child.


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