Major Cigarette Brands in Nigeria

This article is a review of cigarettes brands available in Nigeria and the most popular cigarettes in Nigeria.

We found it inappropriate to use the phrase, the “best cigarettes in Nigeria” because according to World Health Organisation (WHO) tobacco consumption is dangerous to health.

Despite the heavy campaigns and awareness on health challenges posed by use of tobacco, studies shows that over 1.1 billion people consume tobacco across the globe.

It is worrisome that while campaigns on dangers of tobacco use is on, the use of tobacco products continues to grow.

However, the essence of this article is not to highlight the dangers and health challenges associated with tobacco use, but to review the major popular cigarettes in Nigeria.

The Nigeria’s tobacco market is dominated by British American Tobacco (BATN).

The tobacco company’s dominance account for 78% of market share in Nigeria and about 82% in west Africa.

The number of smokers in Nigeria is quite high especially in northern part of the country.

While studies has shown that 1 out of every 15 Nigerians smokes cigarettes, the ratio of female to male smokers in Nigeria is 1:10.

So, there is heavy tobacco use among men in Nigeria while same can’t be said of females in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s Most Popular Cigarettes and Tobacco Products

For some, the cigarettes brands below are some of the best cigarettes to smoke in Nigeria.

While the Nigeria’s federal ministry of health has continued to warn about dangers of tobacco use, the following cigarettes in Nigeria are most porpular Nigeria tobbaco products and are regarded best cigarettes available in Nigeria.

They are also among Nigeria’s smokers most preferred cigarettes.

Benson & Hedges Cigarettes

Benson & Hedges cigarettes is one of the most porpular cigarettes brands in Nigeria which is owned by American conglomerate Altria.

Benson and Hedges is produced by British American Tobacco (BATN) and other licensed companies.

Benson and Hedges are produced mostly from Virginia tobacco. It is one of the most used tobbaco products in Nigeria.

Benson and Hedges is marketed and distributed by Nigerian Tobacco Company.

Dorchester Cigarettes

Dorchester Cigarettes is another highly patronised cigarettes in Nigeria according a survey.

Dorchester Cigarettes is owned by Japan Tobacco Limited.

However, Dorchester Cigarette import, distribution and marketing in Nigeria is carried out by West African Tobacco Co. Ltd.

Oris Cigarettes

Oris Cigarettes is one of the popular major cigarettes brands in Nigeria.

It is the most used flavoured tobbaco products in Nigeria. It comes in strawberry flavour, menthol, gunmint, Orange etc.

It is one of the highly smoked cigarettes among smokers in Nigeria.

There’s very sketchy and little information on who are the manufacturers or distributors of Oris cigarettes in Nigeria.

Dunhil Cigarettes

Dunhill Cigarettes is also one of the top cigarettes brands available in Nigeria.

Dunhill Cigarettes is part of the cigarettes brands that is under British American Tobacco (BATN).

It is a cigarette considered by tobacco smokers in Nigeria as one of the best cigarettes in Nigeria.

Rothmans Cigarettes

Rothmans cigarettes is another popular tobacco brand in Nigeria.

It is one of the oldest cigarettes in Nigeria. It is also among cigarettes that is under the production and distribution of British American Tobacco (BATN).

St Moritz Cigarettes

St Moritz Cigarettes is another cigarettes in Nigeria that is product of British American Tobacco (BATN). It comes in menthol flavour.

Marlboro Cigarettes

Marlboro cigarettes is also prevalent in Nigeria and is one of the most popular cigarettes brands in the country.

The cost of Marlboro cigarettes in Nigeria is about N600 per packet while a stick of Marlboro cigarette in Nigeria cost about N50.

It is one of the leading cigarettes brands patronised in Nigeria highly.

End Note On Top Cigarettes Brands in Nigeria

The above article is not promotional message on the tobacco use and does not in anyway encourage tobbaco intake.

It is simply a review of popular cigarettes brands available in Nigeria. It is write up which shows cigarettes brands that controls Nigeria’s tobbaco use.

We also, echo and share in the directive of Nigeria’s federal ministry of health which has continually advised that “Smokers are liable to Die Young”.


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