COREN Registration Requirements for Engineers (2023)

How To Join COREN in Nigeria

COREN is an umbrella body that unites all registers engineers in Nigeria.

Cost of COREN Registration

It is the major professional body for engineers in Nigeria.

This article will be based on how to register with COREN in Nigeria, highest engineering body in Nigeria.

Specifically, you would through this article find how much it cost to register as member of COREN in Nigeria.

Annually, COREN accepts and process thousands of applications from engineers in Nigeria who are seeking to join the professional body.

COREN membership is very important in Nigeria in the sense that it is required before an engineer can embark on any government contract or projects.

Also, before graduate of engineering adds “Engr” title before or after his name, they must register with COREN.

All these makes it imperatives that engineers register and become members of COREN in Nigeria.

In this article you will find how to register with COREN in Nigeria as well as the cost of COREN registration.

What is COREN

COREN is an acronym which stands for Council of Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria.

It is the major professional body for all registered engineers in Nigeria.

Membership of COREN command high respect in Nigeria.

How Much is COREN Registration Fee

To obtain COREN Registration and Membership comes with high costs.

This is because there are series of activities interested engineers will undergo such as writing of examination, workshops, membership registration, induction etc.

All these processes has cost and are all part of the activities of registering as professional engineer in Nigeria with COREN.

The cost of COREN Registration is around N200,000.

A break down of this amount takes care of the following activities geared towards becoming a registered member of COREN.

  • To Register for the exam- N20550
  • For National Workshop- N20000
  • For Local Workshop- N25000
  • Cost of registering as COREN Member- N51300
  • Cost of COREN Induction- N53000 (depending on state)
  • COREN Registration and Membership Requirements

To join COREN in Nigeria demands that one meets some qualifications and criterias.

Getting a degree in Engineering does not necessarily make you COREN member.

COREN membership requires some criteria and other conditions which will be discussed in this post.

Also, COREN Registration is of two types: personnel COREN Registration and consulting firm COREN Registration.

COREN Personnel Registration

Being a registered member of COREN in Nigeria is of great importance to engineers in Nigeria.

It takes about the 3 to 6 months to get the process of enrolling into COREN done. To register as COREN member, engineers must meet the following requirements:

  • Interested engineers must have a minimum of 4 years Postgraduate studies to be eligible.
  • You have to be supervised by a senior registered engineer.
  • You must apply online for COREN membership. 
  • Each applicant has to be registered with one of these organizations: NAEC/NATE/NSE/NISET.
  • If you are a Nigerian, you are required to provide your school transcripts via a post, email or manually. 
  • Applicants will have to submit 2 proposals. This will be done online. 
  • A specified registration fee will be paid either through online platform or bank. 
  • All required documents and forms must be completed and submitted online. 
  • Interested engineers seeking to join COREN must provide working email and personal details (phone number, address). 

Consulting Firms Registration for COREN

TO register an engineering company under COREN and also as consult, the following conditions must be met to join COREN as Consulting Company.

  • The firm owner must be a registered engineer and the company must have a Certificate of Registration.
  • At least two of the partners must be registered engineers and pay for all their practicing fees in time, while their company should have CAC registration along with incorporation Certificate.
  • A shareholder who has 55 percent or more shares should be a registered engineer, and the company should have an incorporation Certificate.
  • Provide a professional report on all the engineering design, study, and supervision under the organization that wishes to register (with at least 5 years of experience).
  • You must be willing to demonstrate the ability to complete complex projects that would last for at least 3 years after successful COREN registration.
  • Provide a reference letter from a trusted COREN member.
  • Be ready to renew company membership once in 5 years.
  • A foreign specialist can register only their consulting company if they work in partnership with a registered engineer from Nigeria.

For more on requirements for COREN Registration of Personnel and Firms visits COREN official website or state offices near you.

Importance of COREN Registration in Nigeria

Also, the importance of COREN registration in Nigeria is very huge.

Below are some of the reasons why it is important and necessary to join COREN as an engineer in Nigeria.

  • It backs engineers to be able to carry out government projects and contracts.
  • It also helps show that an engineer is fully registered and allowed to practice in Nigeria.
  • It also shows the genuiness of engineering certification of engineers under the body.
  • COREN also protects the interests of members and help them achieve both collective and individual interests.


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