Cost of Branding Cars, Buses & Trucks in Nigeria (2024)

Vehicles Branding Costs in Nigeria

Outdoor media and coporate communications has gained prominence in Nigeria.

Cost of Branding vehicles in Nigeria

Adverts on transits is one of the most popular type of advertising in Nigeria Currently.

Adverts on transit are carried out through branded vehicles that moves from place to place displaying the communication messages, ideas and informations to the target audience.

Branding vehicles and buses are very common in Nigeria especially during electioneering campaigns and brand promotions.

To customize or brand a vehicle in Nigeria cost a significant amount.

Also, price of branding and customizing a car, bus ot truck in Nigeria is dependent on the Colours and images to be branded as well as the type of vehicle to be customized.

Branding of vehicles in Nigeria can also be done either fully vehicle branding or partial vehicle branding.

In this post, we will be discussing how much it cost to brand vehicles in Nigeria.

This is how much branding vehicles costs in Nigeria.

Customizing & Branding Vehicles in Nigeria: Costs & Prices

How much does it cost to brand a bus in Nigeria? Branding of vehicles in Nigeria is the major discourse in this article.

Specifically we will be looking at how much vehicles branding costs in Nigeria.

Also, different types of vehicles and price of branding them will be talked about.

We will also not be leaving behind best vehicles branding companies in Lagos, Nigeria.

Types of Vehicles Branding & Cost in Nigeria

Below is the price list for branding and customizing vehicles in Nigeria.

Here we will look at types of branding that can be done on vehicles and their prices.

Cost of One Way Vision Vehicle Branding

One way vision branding entails branding a particular area of vehicle.

In one way vision car branding, targets audience can only see the message only when they are faced with particular view point of vehicle.

This type of vehicle branding cost between N18,000 to N20,000.

Cost of Basic Spot Vehicle Branding

In basic spot vehicle branding, only a spot of vehicle is branded or customized.

Basic vehicle branding is usually done at door of cars or body of buses as the case maybe.

The cost of Basic spot vehicle branding is between N25,000 to N30,000.

Cost of Spot Graphics Vehicles Branding

Spot graphics branding deals with branding different spots and areas of the vehicles.

Here the branded images or messages can be scattered at different spots of vehicles.

The cost of this type of car branding is between N45,000 to N60,000.

Cost of Partial Wrap Vehicle Branding in Nigeria

This is branding of certain parts of the vehicles. It could be half branding of the entire body of vehicles.

This type of vehicle branding cost between N50,000 to N60,000.

Cost of Full Wrap Vehicle Branding

This type of car branding entails branding the entire body parts of the vehicles.

It is the most popular and expensive type of vehicle branding in Nigeria.

Full wrap vehicle branding cost between N70,000 to N80,000 in Nigeria.

Best Car Branding Companies in Lagos

Below is the list of vehicles branding and wrapping companies in Lagos that offer wonderful services. They are also among vehicles branding companies that their services are cheap.

  • Haz-Ken Digital 
  • Lexoft Media Limited 
  • Eloquent Touch Media 
  • Brandlens
  • Digi Butterfly 

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