Cost of Bridal Make-Up in Nigeria (2023)

Wedding Make-Up Prices in Nigeria

Looking glamorous on wedding day is a big deal for ladies.

Bridal make-up cost in Nigeria

Hence, Nigeria ladies pay so much attention to their bridal make-up for their wedding ceremonies.

Find out how much you can budget for your professional bridal make-up cost in Nigeria in this article.

Most make-up artists in Nigeria has an amount reserved for bridal make-up.

According to one of the top bridal make up artist in Lagos Nigeria, Livy Maks, bridal make-up is one of the costly make-up functions in the make up business in Nigeria.

This is because in most bridal make-up roles in Nigeria, both the bride and her train are both tended to.

More people in Nigeria both males and females are gradually moving into make-up business.

Specifically, wedding make-up is a special area of interest for these make up artists.

In this article, we will be discussing how much brides pay for bridal make-up in Nigeria.

Specifically, we will be be exploring the cost of bridal make-up across major Nigerian cities such as Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Enugu.

This write up will help brides who are getting ready for their big day to have an idea of what bridal make-up will cost.

Cost of Wedding Make-Up in Nigeria

There is no specific amount charged for bridal make up in Nigeria.

How much make-up artists charges for wedding make-up depends on certain factors which includes:



Number of Ladies

Type of Make-up Materials

These are some of the things that determines the average cost of bridal make-up in Nigeria.

How professional, experienced and good at the job a make-up artist is most times determined how much brides pay for their wedding make up.

The distance a make-up artist will cover to get to the venue of making up the bride is also part of what determines how much people pay for wedding make-up in Nigeria.

This is one singular reason why brides consider make-up artists in the locality of their wedding town.

Also, weddings make-up price is cheaper if the artist will only attend to the bride.

If it has to include bridal train then the cost of making up for that wedding is bound to cost more.

From our finding, the type and quality of materials applied for the make-up also determines how much brides are charged for make-up.

Average Cost of Bridal Make-Up

The average cost of wedding make-up in Nigeria is N15,000.

However, bridal make-up can cost as high as N150,000 and as low as N10,000 depending on the above stated factors.

The lowest price for bridal make up in Lagos is around N20,000.

Lagos is without a doubt the biggest market for make-up artists in Nigeria.

Also, bridal make-up in Abuja & Port Harcourt cost average of N15,000 for bride only.

While in Enugu, wedding make-up artist can be hired for as low as N10,000 (bride only).

Going for the best and top make-up artists for bridal make-up in Nigeria is expensive.

However, buoyancy and budget of a bride will determine how much they will be spending and the standard of make-up artist they will be hiring for wedding make-up roles.


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