Cost of Building Best Car Ports in Nigeria

In this blog post, the cost of constructing car ports in Nigeria would be discussed.

Also to be contained in this article is the best car ports in Nigeria.

Car ports also referred to as car shades or car park is a construction designed to house cars when not in use.

Car ports are of different designs and prices too.

In the recent time, people have shunned the culture of building car parks within their residential homes and buildings.

Hence, this gave rise to construction and use of car ports in Nigeria.

Car ports apart from its primary function of housing and protecting vehicles and cars from harsh weather,it is also used for other purposes such as human sit out shades, canopy and contributes to house aesthetics.

This is why People with large compounds considers the larger and big size car ports.

Because car canopy or car shades in Nigeria has become very popular and regularly installed infrastructure, we decided to survey the price of different types of car ports in Nigeria.

This would be of great importance to those who are budgeting and planning on building car ports in Nigeria.

People adopts the use of car ports often because of its flexibility in the sense that it can be easily dismantled, relocated or removed without hurting the building or environment.

So, in this write up, we will discuss the cost of building car ports in Nigeria, as well as best car ports in Nigeria and types of car ports available in Nigeria.

How Much Does It Cost to Build Car Port in Nigeria?

The cost of constructing car ports in Nigeria is relative and not definite.

This is because certain factors affects how much it cost to build car shades in Nigeria.

These factors includes but not limited to:

  • Size of the car port
  • Type of car port

These are the two major factors that play on the cost of car ports construction in Nigeria.

The larger or bigger the car port the higher its cost of construction.

Also,the type of car port especially materials used for its roofing and the type of iron used as it’s frame highly determines the cost of building.

The cheapest type of car port in Nigeria is the net fabrics roof car port.

This is waterproof car net roof car port in Nigeria.

This type of car ports cost between N150,000 to N200,000 to build in Nigeria.

This is just as Polycarbonate sheet roof car port is much expensive to construct as it requires more metals for its roofing.

Constructing and building Polycarbonate Sheet Roof car port or Danpalon or Skylight sheet roof car port would cost average of N350,000.

However,if it is of larger size, an amount above N600,000 should be budgeted for building large size car port.

Best Types of Car Ports in Nigeria

The materials and designs of car ports aren’t same and this makes some car ports much more durable than others, while net fabrics car port is the most prevalent type of car port in Nigeria, it is not the best car port in Nigeria.

This is because the roofing sheet of this car port which is waterproof net fabrics is easily affected by weather conditions.

Hence it gets damaged after some years. Unlike other car port roofing sheets which is more long lasting and resistance to weather conditions.

The Aluminum Roofing Sheets and Polycarbonate Sheets are both regarded as the best type of car port in Nigeria.

This is owing to their durability and resistance to weather conditions such as sunshine,rain fall and in contact with hard objects such as stones etc.

They are the best type of car ports in Nigeria that is long lasting and keeps your car well protected.


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