Cost of C of O in Lagos

In this blog post, we will be reviewing the cost of C of O in Lagos. This is a document fully known as certificate of occupancy.

Cost of c of o in Lagos

The certificate of occupancy is the administrative document that confirms that a dwelling place meets the basic conditions to be inhabited, without prejudice to the carrying out of other duly authorized activities.

The basic conditions that your home has to meet will depend on its location and the year of construction.

The person who can request a certificate or a duplicate is the owner of the home or an authorized representative.

According to the constitution, section 9 of the Land use Act 1978, only the state governor of the state where the property is situated is permitted to issue the Certificate of Occupancy in Nigeria.

What is the Certificate of Occupancy for in Nigeria?

Although most Nigerians are not aware of the importance and essence of owning a certificate of occupancy.

It is required that every owner of a land or landed property acquires the certificate of occupancy that validates their ownership from the state government agency in their locality.

It must be done to ensure the following:

  • To ensure that the home is habitable, based on its health, hygiene, and solidity.
  • It is necessary for anyone owner who is willing to sell or rent out their property.
  • It is also needed in the process of registering for basic amenities services e.g. electricity, water, etc.
  • In some cases, it is required to verify ownership in the instances of damages, seizures, and compensations.

Types of Occupancy Certificates in Nigeria

There are three types of certificates depending on the age of the property:

First occupancy certificate: corresponds to newly built homes, that is, it is the certificate of occupancy in new housing.

The second occupancy certificate refers to homes that already exist.

It corresponds to the renewal of the certificate of the first occupation and, therefore, it is the certificate of occupancy in an old dwelling.

Certificate of the first occupation of rehabilitation: for those homes in which rehabilitation of the same has been carried out.

Steps to Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy in Lagos

Obtaining a certificate of occupancy in Nigeria is pretty much stressful.

It entails a lot of processes that could take days or even months to finalize.

This article contains the right and accurate steps to help you in starting and completing your certification in no time.

How to get C of O in Lagos will follow these steps below:

  • Proceed to obtain a form from the federal ministry of land use and allocation section at Block 13&14, The Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja.
  • Alternatively, you can download a copy of the form on their official website
  • After filing the requested details on the form, attach a copy of the following files to the document, 3 passport copies, a tax clearance document, and the official payment slip for the application form.
  • Note: The application fee for getting C of O in Lagos costs N5,000 for the residential land users and N10,000 for commercial land users.
  • The applicant is issued an acknowledgment slip and a letter of allocation at the ministry‚Äôs head office cited above.
  • The applicant is expected to pay for the land allocation between 90 days.
  • After successful payment, a letter of confirmation is issued and then the real processing begins.
  • The certificate of occupancy as stated by the ministry should be ready in a month or less after adherence to the above procedures.

Duplicate of the Certificate of Occupancy.

As the certificate of occupancy is a public document, you will not have to process it again if you lose the document.

All you have to do is go to the competent authority to request a duplicate. Generally, you can request it even if you are a tenant.

This is much we can take on how to get and obtain C of O in Lagos.


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