Cost of Digging & Constructing Soakaway/Septic Tank in Nigeria (2024)

How Much Does It Cost To Build or Construct Soakaway in Nigeria

Septic tank or Soakaway has become a very vital component of modern building. We bring you the cost of building soakaway sewage tank in Nigeria.

Cost of Constructing septic tank in Nigeria

It is this external part of building where all liquid waste from house are channeled to.

Before now, it is known as soakaway because of its nature of construction.

Soakaway is a tank beneath the ground which it’s ground floor re left unplastered with intension of soaking away liquid wastes from homes.

Septic tank is the morden waste tank which has its part of its ground floor plastered and chained with cements and concrete.

Because liquid wastes are inevitable in the house, constructing Septic tanks and Soakaway tanks in Nigeria has become very important and necessary.

Also, most people are dropping the use of pit toilets and bathing and defecating in the open.

This are also some of the reasons that have contributed immensely to the rise in building and construction Soakaway or Septic tanks in Nigeria.

In this article, we will be discussing about the cost of building Soakaway in Nigeria.

Also, apart from looking at the general cost of Septic tank /Soakaway construction in Nigeria, we will also bring the cost of digging Soakaway and Septic tanks in Nigeria.

Cost of Constructing Soakaway / Septic Tank in Nigeria

The general cost for constructing septic and soakaway tank is between N450,000 to N700,000.

This includes both the cost of materials for building Soakaway tanks as well as labour charges.

Some of the of the major materials for constructing Soakaway tanks and their prices includes.

Rod 12mm= 15 – 20 pcs
5 tons of stone = N55,000
5 tons of Sand = N28,000
Cements = 15 bags
Planks =
Blocks =
Binding Wire =Half Roll

Other Things That Contributes to Cost of Building Septic / Soakaway Tank in Nigeria

There are some other activities that determines how much one can spend in building septic tank in Nigeria.

Some of these things that decides Soakaway & Septic tank cost of construction in Nigeria are:

Digging = N30,000 – N35,000
Labour for Brick Laying
Labour for Iron Bending

These are some of the rough estimates for cost of soakaway & septic tank construction in Nigeria.

Cost of Digging Soakaway / Septic Tank in Nigeria

The cost of digging for septic tank project popularly called soakaway in Nigeria varies.

The type of soil as well as the size of Soakaway are some of the major determining factor of how much it cost to dig soakaway tanks in Nigeria.

However, on general terms, in most parts of Nigeria, the average cost of digging soakaway & septic tanks in Nigeria is around N35,000.

End Note on Septic/Soakaway Tank Construction Cost in Nigeria

Some of the of the materials as well as labour for building Soakaway in Nigeria is highly likely to differ in price and charge across Nigeria.

So, there might be a slight disparity on the cost of Constructing septic tank across Nigeria.

However, the information above is well placed to give a rough estimate of what to budget to be able to cover the the cost of building Soakaway across different parts of Nigeria.

Also, materials for building Soakaway and Septic tanks should be sourced from major building material markets for good and competitive prices.


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