Cost of DNA Test in Nigeria (2022)

How Much Does It Cost To Carry Out DNA Test in Nigeria

Advancements of technology especially in health care system has helped improve paternity and identity tests popularly referred as DNA tests.

Cost of dna test in Nigeria

In Nigeria, DNA tests has become a very popular test for many reasons ranging form crime related issues to family and private life issues.

It is a very important test which might be required at any particular time base on circumstances.

The question of how much is DNA test in Nigeria is a very big one.

It is also important to know the cost of DNA tests in Nigeria.

This information is highly significant among those who might for one reason or the other be in need of getting a DNA test in Nigeria.

This post will among other things talk about the uses of DNA tests as well hospitals offering DNA tests in Lagos & Abuja.

Cost of DNA Test in Nigeria Hospitals: How Much is DNA Test in Nigeria

Amount required for DNA tests in Nigeria varies from clinics, procedures and essence of the tests.

These are some factors that may determine price one has to pay for DNA test in Nigeria.

However, we will be providing an average price range for DNA test in Nigeria.

This is on average, how much DNA tests costs in Nigeria.

The cost of DNA test in Nigeria ranges between N60,000 to N150,000.

This price may differ depending on hospital, test procedures, purpose of test and professional carrying out the tests.

However, DNA tests is cheaper in government owned hospitals in Nigeria but many people prefer private clinics as a result of poor attitude to work in public hospitals.

So, this is average cost of DNA tests in Nigeria.

Uses of DNA Tests

Below are some of most common uses or reasons for DNA tests.

  • It is definitive way of confirming a child’s paternity.
  • It can be used to trace genetic ancestors.
  • It can be used to access the development and performance of unborn foetus.
  • DNA tests is also used widely in crime investigation.
  • It is used by scientists in space researches.
  • DNA tests are also used to track down lost relatives.

Where To Go For DNA Test in Nigeria

If you are in Nigeria, the best place for DNA tests is top government hospitals, top private medical laboratories and good private hospitals with good laboratory.

Best Places For DNA Test Lagos

The best and cheapest places to get DNA tests done in Lagos state is all government teaching hospitals in Lagos state.

Top medical laboratories like Synlab is another good place for DNA tests in Lagos state.Bode DU Laboratory Technology Limited also under take DNA tests in Lagos Nigeria.

Best Places for DNA Tests in Abuja

Where to carry out a DNA test in Abuja is not really a big deal.

National hospital Abuja offer the service. Also, people interested in the tests are advised to check up with top medical laboratories and clinics within the city like Primecare Hospitals, Abuja.


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