Cost of Drawing & Getting Tattoo in Nigeria (2024)

How Much for Drawing Tattoos in Nigeria Costs

In Nigeria today, people are embracing tattooing of their bodies unlike what obtained in past when people in Nigeria shy away and are segregated for getting tattoos.

Cost of Drawing tattoos in Nigeria

This has led to booming and viability of tattoo business in Nigeria.

Professional tattooing in Nigeria doesn’t come cheap. Nevertheless, the cost of drawing tattoo in Nigeria cannot be compared to tattoo cost abroad.

This has gave rise to continue growth in local tattooing in Nigeria using some crude and unhealthy means.

Many Nigerians who wishes to get tattoos sometimes drop the idea after finding out how much and price of getting professional tattoos in Nigeria.

Tattooing entails performing an art works (writing or drawing) on parts of the body parts for beautification and other purposes.

Tattoos can be either permanent or temporal.

Apart from beautification, tattoos can be apply for medical reasons such as to cover a scar or blemish skin.

Despite the fact that there is no law criminating use of tattoos in Nigeria, there are stereotypes about tattoos in Nigeria.

The art work is usually associated with prostitution, gangsterism, cultism and criminality in Nigeria.

However, these tattoos stereotypes in Nigeria are not correct as there are numerous good and law abiding citizens with tattoo drawings.

Furthermore, the only job in Nigeria that prohibit use of tattoos is the armed forces jobs like police and military.

So, getting a tattoo in Nigeria is legal and having or setting up tattoo studio in Nigeria is also legal and accepted.

Unlike what is seen in western world where tattoo studio can be found at all corners of the streets, in Nigeria, major professional tattoo studios and shops are found mostly in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Enugu, Benin and Asaba.

Research shows that one (1) in very hundred of young people in Nigeria wouldn’t mind getting a tattoo.

In this post, we will be discussing about the cost of getting tattoo in Nigeria.

Specifically, we will talking about how much for drawing tattoo in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja.

These are the cities with highest demand for tattoo drawing in Nigeria.

Hence, they are the best cities for tattoo businesses in Nigeria.

Price for Drawing Tattoos in Nigeria

The cost of tattooing in Nigeria is determined by certain factors and variables.

The type of tattoos applied affects the price.

Price for getting or drawing permanent tattoos in Nigeria is a bit higher than cost of getting temporal tattoos in Nigeria.

Also, the price and cost of professional tattoos is not same with local tattoos in Nigeria.

Local tattoos in Nigeria are more cheaper to get and can be done in unconventional places and without right equipments and machines.

The current average cost and price for drawing tattoos in Nigeria by professionals ranges between N15,000 to N150,000.

The size of tattoos also go a long way in determining the cost in Nigeria.

Tattoo of a simple butterfly cannot cost same with tattoo of numerous writings and images.

Local tattoos in Nigeria cost an average of N2000 to N5000 to get.

Some of these local tattoos in Nigeria are not medical certified safe.

These local tattoos shop operators in Nigeria may not have the best of machines and equipments for the activity.

Also, sterilization of their equipment may not be of the best practices.

The best tattoos shops and studios in Nigeria can be found in Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lagos.

These are location where professionals tattoos artists in Nigeria can be found.

Best Tattoos Shops in Lagos

There are many tattoos shops in Lagos, both local and professional.

Most of the best tattoos shops in Lagos are found in Lagos Island: Victoria Island, Lekki, VGC, Ikoyi.

Also, some good tattoos studio can be found at Ikeja Lagos too.

These are some of the best places to get tattoos drawings in Lagos-Nigeria.

Below are some of top & best tattoo shops and studios in Lagos.

  • DLT Tattoos & Piercing Studio – Lekki Lagos
  • Dee Jegz Studio – Ikeja Lagos
  • Shade Tattoos – Lekki Lagos
  • Tiannahs Place Empire – Ogba Lagos
  • Shatta Ink Tattoos – Lekki Lagos

End Note on How Much for Drawing Tattoos in Nigeria

The average cost of drawing tattoos in Nigeria by professionals ranges between N15,000 to N150,000 depending on tattoos type and size of tattoo.

Also local tattoos drawing in Nigeria cost average of N2000 to N5000.

Tattoos and Piercing are very delicate and care must be taken to ensure that safety are maintained at all times during piercing and tattooing.

Sterilization of tattoo and piercing equipments should be carried out regularly especially before and after carrying out piercing and tattoo drawings.


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