The Cost of Electric Fence Wire in Nigeria (2023)

This article is about detailed cost of electric fence wire installation in Nigeria.

Cost of Electric Fence Wire in Nigeria

Electric fencing is a perimeter security system consisting of a set of high-voltage electrified wires (8,000 to 10,000 volts), control, detection, and intrusion attempt warning devices.

The objective of the electric fence is to protect the perimeter delimited by the laying of electrified wires, detecting the cut or touch of the same by a possible intruder, notifying the owner through sirens, telephone calls, lighting of lights, etc.

The system is very flexible in terms of its installation, this makes it suitable for installations in private homes: on walls, fences, balconies, adjoining walls, among others, as long as the first electrified wire is 2 meters above the ground level.

This condition is required by the regulations to avoid accidental touches by people who do not intend to enter the protected area.

Electric fence wires are in homes (urban, suburban, rural), factories, warehouses, private parks, farms, poultry, warehouses, free zones, shopping malls, private cemeteries, etc.

So, in this post, we will be discussing discussing how much it costs to purchase and install electric wire fence in Nigeria.

Advantages of Electric Fence

Deterrence: This is one of the most important components. The system is visible, it is not hidden or disguised.

Its presence is known and evident, as well as the warning that trying to penetrate it, will receive an unpleasant but non-lethal electric shock.

Detection: Unlike other non-reactive systems, an attempted penetration or tampering will trigger an alarm signal.

Effectiveness. A system is efficient to the extent that it is simple, works at all times, in any climate or situation.

Maintenance. The only care that the Electric Fence requires is to keep it free of vegetation and check the voltage and line tension periodically.

Effect of its discharge on humans: When trying to penetrate it, it will give the intruder a non-lethal discharge, which will not leave long-term sequelae.

The location of the electric fence, on top of walls considerably reduces the possibility that children or people who are not intruders will touch it.

But even in this case, its effect will not be more than a non-lethal discharge.

Integrable: The Electric Fence is perfectly integrable with other detection or alarm systems that are already installed on the property or that are planned to be installed.

Flexible and adaptable: To practically any perimeter that you want to protect.

Getting an Electric Fence Wire in Nigeria.

Security in Nigeria is the most discussed issue amongst the citizens in Nigeria.

Every now and then, new measures are established and put in place e.g. CCTV installations, Barbed wires, Tamper alarms Self-lock devices, Padlocks, and many more, to curb the menace of theft and property insecurity in the country.

Electric fence wire is adept for Residential Security, Commercial Security, Infrastructure Security, Agricultural Management, Equine & pet, Game (e.g. cattle reserves).

This article is to help you determine the cost of installing and purchasing an electric fence wire in Nigeria.

Components of an Electric Fence

Perimeter electric fences for security have elements that are common to all types of design and use and can be divided into 3 large groups:

Energizing elements. (Energizer, high and low voltage insulated cables, backup battery, power source, ground rod).

In this group, the most important thing is undoubtedly the energizer, which must comply with the specific standard established for these devices; in the country, there are several brands and models with their respective variants in price.

In this aspect, the price factor is relevant since it is directly related to the quality and power that ultimately translates into the level of protection and security that the user will have.

Isolation elements. (Insulators). These prevent power from passing to the poles.

Since they are exposed to the environment, their characteristics are important because if the insulators used are of poor quality and design, the system will have a sum of energy leaks or “groundings” and consequently an electric fence with weak electrical shocks and/or repeated false alarms.

Conduction elements and support. (Posts, tensioners, and wire). The wire is responsible for carrying the electrical pulses from the energizer to the entire perimeter of the property and transmits the low voltage and/or cuts to the monitor to trigger the alarm.

It must be ensured that the wire has good electrical conductivity and mechanical resistance.

The posts are what will support the wire and show the solidity of the physical barrier to a possible intruder.

The tensioner will give the necessary tension to keep the wire in position at all times.

Price of Electric Fence Wire in Nigeria

Below is the cost and prices of some of components of electric fence wire installation in Nigeria.

  • Electric fence energizer: N50,000 – N90,000
  • Ground Rod: N3,000 – N7,000
  • Insulator poles: N500 – N700
  • Wires: N650 – N700

Please note that some other components are always attached to the energizer, therefore, I did not list their price here.

But importantly, please know that employing a technician is more cost-effective and trustworthy than purchasing components singly.

For instance, crystal hills install electric fence wire at N2500 per meter, and they also have a warranty.

So, in turn, meeting a technician will save you lot of costs and turn out most effective.

Thanks for reading this article, I believe it was very informative and detailed.

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