Cost of Fencing Land in Nigeria (2023)

In this article, we will be discussing the cost of land fencing in Nigeria.

Cost of land fencing in Nigeria

Specifically, the cost of fencing one plot of land and cost of fencing 2 plots of land in Nigeria will be our major focus.

The size of land determines how much it costs to fence land or house in Nigeria.

The current cost of fencing land in Nigeria is on the rise, thanks to sharp increase in Cement price in Nigeria.

One of the best ways to secure acquired lands especially in urban or out of native towns is to fence them.

Fencing lands has ways of informing the general public that a piece of land has been secured and shouldn’t be trespassed.

A standard plot of land in Nigeria is measured 100 by 50 meters in measurement.

Oftentimes, fencing is the first project done after land acquisition.

Fencing land looks simple and cheap, yet it cost a substantial amount to fence land in present day Nigeria.

How much that can be spent to fence land in Nigeria varies.

This is because there are variants qualities of land fencing.

Some lands are fenced without pillars, some other are done with concrete pillars.

Also, some perimeter fencing are some with concrete chains.

All these are different type of fencing and these types of land fencing comes with different costs.

Morestill, the type of land to be fenced determines its costs.

Dry lands are cheaper to fence unlike swampy lands.

In this post, we will be giving out the estimate cost of fencing 1 & 2 plots of land in Nigeria.

So, this is an estimate cost of fencing plots of land in Nigeria.

Land Fencing Cost in Nigeria

There are different stages and logistics that are involved in fencing land in Nigeria.

Some important materials for land fencing are, blocks, cements, sands, stones, water and rod.

According to a team of combined civil engineers in a top construction company in southeast Nigeria, the estimate cost of fencing one (1) plot of land is around N1,250,000.

This is even as the cost of fencing 2 plots of land in Nigeria cost around N1,500,000.

This includes the cost of materials for land fencing as well as the cost of labour for land fencing in Nigeria.

Breakdown of Cost of Fencing Land

Below is a break down of some important building materials needed for fencing a plot of land.

Building Blocks = 3200 Blocks

The total number of building blocks needed for one plot of land is estimated to be around 3200 building blocks.

This also includes both blocks to be used for forming of pillar in the event of absence of concrete pillars.

The average cost of block in Nigeria is N230. When multiplied by total number of blocks needed, it gives around N650,000.

So, the cost of blocks for fencing one plot of land is around N650,000.

Sand – 6 Trips

Sand is also another important building materials for fencing.

It takes about 6 trips of 5 tons of sand to fence one plot of land in dry land in Nigeria.

A trip of sand is currently around N26,000. So, the 6 trips of sharp sand will cost N156,000 for fencing a plot of land.

Cements – 55 Bags

The number of bags of cement for fencing 1 plot of land in Nigeria dry land was put at estimated 55 bags.

Base of current cost of cement in Nigeria, we can put this at N200,000.


Labour for land fencing starts with land excavation to concrete blinding up to block forming.

The estimate cost of labour for fencing a plot of land is estimated to gulf around N80,000.

End Note on Fencing of Land Costs in Nigeria

Other materials like water and rod will be on discretion of persons handling the projects and the volume of water needed will be based on usage.

Also, the cost of Constructing perimeter fencing in dry land in Nigeria is considerably cheap when compared to fencing in swampy land.

In swamp lands, fencing must be done with pillars concrete and also chained.

This highly shoot up the cost of fencing land in these type of location in Nigeria.


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  1. Can you give me an estimate of fencing a U shape fence in the owerri imo state. Thanks

    1. It depends on the size of the land

  2. hi, can you give me an estimate for three plots in 2022?

      1. Hello,how much should I budget for fencing one plot of dry land in ogun state till 12ft level

  3. Can u give an estimate to fence 6 plot of swampy land

    1. It will require having an on site accessment,so go along with an experienced engineer

  4. I want to fence 5plots on non swampy land. Any idea about the cost estimate?

  5. how much will it cost to fence 100 acres of dry land in Ogun state .??
    Kindly send your reply to my email please , will really appreciate.

    1. This will require survey and determined by many factors, because of how large the portion is, some parts of the fencing will be chained or all will be chained. So, getting an engineer will help determine the best approach and what it might cost

  6. How much does it cost? to make a German floor for a twin 2-bedroom flat?

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