Cost of Filling Car AC Gas in Nigeria

The cost of refilling car ac in Nigeria will form the major discourse in this article.

Car ac gas refilling cost in Nigeria

Car air conditioners popularly called car ac in Nigeria is a car feature which help create cool atmosphere within the car.

It not used for cooling of car engine but specifically for cool car interiors and provide temperature comfort for car users.

Car air conditioners work by combined synergy of compressors, condensers and relies on refrigerant which absorbs heat.

Refrigerant low quantity or unavailablity can lead to poor or non performance of car ac which most times leads to emission of warm air or temperature as against cool temperature which they are suppose to emit.

This is when it is said that car ac gas (refrigerant) is poor or finished.

Hence, users who experience this car air conditioners faults will seek to refill their car ac gas and make their car ac become cool as desired.

This is not a big car fault or problem but sometimes, overzealous car fixing engineers can capitalise on users poor knowledge of car ac system to rip them off by charging high cost to refill their car ac gas in Nigeria.

In this post, we will review car ac gas refilling costs in Nigeria.

How Much Does It Cost to Refill Car AC Gas in Nigeria?

The price charged by car electrical engineers to refill car ac is relative but certain amount is considered very high for the operation.

This is the essence of this post so that you have a knowledge of what you should consent to as cost of refilling your car ac gas in Nigeria.

The overall cost of refilling your car ac will include the cost car ac gas ( refrigerant) and workmanship or service fee of the car electrician.

Car ac gas in Nigeria cost between N2500 to N55000 depending on the brand.

The service charge should be fair at N1500. So, the cost of refilling your car ac in Nigeria would cost between N4000 to N7000 which would include both the cost of car ac gas and service fee.

How Long Does Car AC Gas Last?

The best and most common used car ac gas currently is the R134 refrigerant.

This is the type of gas car air conditioners use. How long this car air conditioners (ac) gas can last will depend on how professional it was installed.

Car ac gas can last between 2.5 years to 3 years if properly installed and devoid of leakages.

But it your car refrigerant is leaking, how long your car ac gas would last would be very short like 1week to 3 months depending on the volume of leakage.

Can I Refill My Car AC Gas By Myself?

Self service of car ac gas is easy for those who have knowledge of the process.

It is important to have knowledge of how to refill car ac gas before attempting to refill your car ac gas by yourself.

This is because it requires some level of safety and precautions to refill car ac gas.

Here are some safety and preacausionary measures you must observe while refilling your car ac gas.

  • Make sure you have safety glasses on to protect your eyes.
  • Always Keep your skin away from the refrigerant (car ac gas).
  • Dispose the refrigerant can properly after use.

However, if you do not have adequate knowledge of how to refill your car ac gas, do not attempt to do it yourself.

You would be better off engaging the Service of car engineer for the purpose


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