Cost of Flight from Nigeria to Canada (2024)

How Much It Costs to Fly from Nigeria to Canada

Canada is becoming a hot destination for young Nigerian professionals.

Lagos To Canada Flight Cost

Annually a significant number of Nigerians travel from Nigeria to Canada either in search of greener pasture, business, education or holidays.

The cost of flight from Nigeria to Canada is always most frequently asked questions by people in this category or journey.

It is normal to inquiry and have an idea of what one will be paying as flight cost or ticket especially for those flying from Nigeria to Canada, a faraway country.

It is this gap that this post has come to close by providing our readers with Nigeria to Canada Flight Cost.

There are certain factors that determines the cost of flight from Nigeria to Canada. Some of these factors are.

  • Airline 
  • Class of Airline
  • Ticket Type
  • Period of Travel
  • Forex Exchange

These are some of the variable that pushes the price of flight tickets, Nigeria to Canada inclusive.

So, in this article, we will be discussing what a traveler will be budgeting as cost of flight from Nigeria to Canada.

Price of Flight Ticket from Nigeria to Canada

To fly from Nigeria to Canada is a long journey.

Hence, most airlines makes stop overs on transit and these also impact the Nigeria to Canada flight cost.

Before embarking on air travel, it is always important to have an idea or adequate budget for flight ticket.

This is because the variation in cost of flight tickets changes constantly as a result of certain factors like aviation fuel, season etc.

Oftentimes, the season of the year play a huge role in determining flight ticket price.

Travelers during festive periods like Christmas, Eid celebration are sometimes encounter high price of flight tickets.

So, for travelers who do not have urgent need to travel who might be going for leisure, having and using these information will help make sure that your pockets are not heavily impacted by flight cost from Nigeria to Canada.

In this write up, we have collated the average cost of flight from Nigeria to Canada for some of top airlines flying from Nigeria to Canada.

This we believe will help intending travelers make a good budget especially in as it concerns their Nigeria to Canada flight cost.

Airlines Cost of Flight from Nigeria to Canada

Below are what some of airlines in Nigeria that fly from Nigeria to Canada offer as tickets price of flight cost.

Some of these airlines are the cheapest flights from Nigeria to Canada.

United Airlines

N6000, 000 – N900, 000 – Economy

Ethiopian Air

N1,650, 000 – N2,100,000 – Business Class

N600,000 – N800,000 – Economy

Turkish Airlines

N800,000 – N1,000,000 – Economy


N650,000 – N750,000 – Economy

N880,000 – N1,300,000 Business Class

British Airways

N1,700,000 – N2,200,000 – Business Class

N550,000 – N880,000 – Economy

Lufthansa Airways

N1,600,000 – N2,100,000 – Business Class

N850,000 – N980,000 – Economy

Air France

N1,900,000 – N2,000,000 – Business Class

N500,000 – N880,000 – Economy

Delta Lines Air

N580,000 – N650,000 – Economy

How Long Does it Take To Fly From Nigeria to Canada

There is hardly a stipulated duration time to fly from Nigeria to Canada.

How long it takes to fly from Nigeria to Canada varies from flights and also depends on routes taken.

Flight from Nigeria to Canada always make stop over landing and these landing affect the time it takes to fly from Nigeria to Canada.

For two popular routes of flying from Nigeria to Canada, this is how long it takes.

It takes about 18hrs 40 minutes to fly from Nigeria to Canada through London.

Also, it takes an average of 23 hrs, 55 minutes to fly from Lagos Nigeria to Toronto, Canada.

End Note On Lagos To Canada Flight Cost 

The prices or cost of flight from Nigeria to Canada is subject to constant change as factors like cost of Aviation fuel, forex exchange, calender season and routes play very highly in determining the price ticket for Canada flights from Nigeria.

To be proactive, travelers should always keep in touch and verify from top travel agents or airline tickets personnel when they are about to embark on travel.

It is always advisable to check for price of Nigeria to Canada flight ticket from the desired airlines website. Most times, it is cheaper to book your flight ticket for Nigeria to Canada air route early before your departure.

The cost of flight ticket from Nigeria to Canada is finally decided by airlines and cannot be pinned on specific price as the factors that determines cost of this flight ticket are not stable.

Inotherwords, always check with the airlines as there could be price change or variation in a space of 30 mins.


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