Cost of Flight Ticket from Nigeria to UK

This post will review how much it cost to book a flight from Nigeria to UK. It is an open secret that many Nigerians especially students move to UK for international studies.

International airports in nigeria

Also, a significant number of Nigerian population also visit the European country for holidays, medical needs and tourism.

This is why Nigeria to UK air route is a popular one and many travelers in Nigeria especially first timers are usually quick to find the cost of flight from Nigeria to United Kingdom.

This article will seek to provide its readers with answers to questions such as how much is flight ticket from Nigeria to UK.

This has become a frequent asked questions especially among first time travelers who maybe be trying to be trying to know how much to budget for Nigeria to UK flight.

Airlines air tickets changes every now and then, hence, it hardly possible to pin a specific price or cost of air ticket for Nigeria to UK.

In this article, we would try to present how much you can budget for flight ticket for Nigeria to UK.

This is as result of numerous factors which determines or play on the cost of airlines tickets.

How Much is The Cost of Nigeria to UK Flight Ticket?

How much air passengers in Nigeria pay for their flight from Nigeria to UK is decided by factors such as:

  • Time & Season of Booking
  • Airline Used
  • Travel Class
  • Exchange Rates

These are some of the major factors that influence Nigeria to UK flight ticket cost. There are numerous airlines that offer Nigeria to UK flight services.

The competition to some extent have helped maintain competitive air ticket for this route. The average cost of air ticket from Nigeria to United Kingdom is about $1,200.

This is currently about N1 million naira considering Nigeria currency exchange rate.

This Nigeria to UK air ticket cost is likely to move up or down futher depending on the performance of exchange rate and seasonal traffic.

Cheapest Airlines for Nigeria to UK Flight

There are many airlines flying from Nigeria to UK air route from Nigeria. These airlines offer different airfares depending on their services and others factors.

Oftentimes, many air passengers in Nigeria enroute UK usually look out for air lines offering the cheapest tickets for Nigeria to UK flight.

This is usually the most preferred airlines for Nigeria to UK flight especially amongst students.

The following airlines flight ticket for Nigeria to UK are considered as the cheapest airlines for flight from Nigeria to UK.

Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways is the flag carrier of the Republic of Kenya. The African renowned airline has been providing flight services since 1977, operating through 53 destinations.

The airline offers some of the cheapest flights from Nigeria to the United Kingdom.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

This is another airline offering cheap flight ticket from Nigeria to United Kingdom. As a first timer traveling to UK from Nigeria, this can be one of the airlines where you are likely to get cheap flight ticket.

KLM Airlines is a Dutch flag carrier established in 1919. Its hub has its location in Amstelveen, Netherlands.


Lufthansa is another popular airline that operate in Nigeria with cheapest flight ticket from Nigeria to UK. The airline is the second largest in Europe based on the total number of passengers who board its flights yearly.


Egyptair offer some of the best flight ticket deals for Nigeria to UK air passengers. The Egypt owned airline is highly regarded for their flight services, aircrafts and cheap flight tickets. It is one of our airline with cheapest flight ticket for Nigeria to UK travel.

Ethiopia Airlines

Ethiopia airlines is also ranked among the cheapest airline companies for Nigeria to UK flight. The airline is Ethiopia National carrier and is one of the African renowned best airlines. Their flight ticket from Nigeria to UK is considerably cheaper.

Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited

Virgin Atlantic’s flights from Nigeria to the United Kingdom are one of the cheapest deals you can ever get. The Britain based airlines is in the league of cheap airlines for Nigeria to UK flight.

How Much is The Cheapest Flight from Nigeria to UK?

The cheapest flight from Nigeria to UK would cost an average of $1000 . Most of the above mentioned airlines is likely to offer this flight ticket depending on the flying class.

How Many Hours Does It Take Fly From Nigeria to UK?

The duration of flight from Nigeria to UK is estimated to last 6 hours and 25 minutes. However, landing airport and part of UK the flight is headed to can vary and alter this duration of Nigeria to UK flight.

Nevertheless,the above stated duration is the average time it takes to fly from Nigeria to UK.

Are There Direct Flights from Nigeria to the UK?

Airlines such as Emirates, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, and Etihad Airways usually fly from Nigeria direct to United Kingdom without any connecting flight in another destination country. So, there are many direct flights from Nigeria to UK without stopovers.


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