Cost of Hiring DJ in Nigeria (2023)

The article will make known the cost of hiring a DJ for an events like wedding in Nigeria.

Hiring a Disc jockey popularly called by it’s abbreviations”DJ” constantly arises in Nigeria as result of outdoor parties and high social culture in Nigeria.

Nigerians are use to hosting open and outdoor parties and celebrations such as weddings, funerals and birthdays.

This gives rise to heavy use of DJ for events in Nigeria.

The cost of hiring a DJ in Nigeria is relative. There is no specific amount that is stipulated for hiring a DJ in Nigeria for events such as weddings, funerals etc.

The cost of getting a DJ in Nigeria is decided majorly by factors such as :

  • DJ Expertise
  • Location of Performance
  • Duration of Performance

These are some of the yardstick that most DJ uses in charging for events.

This post will give you budget for hiring DJ in Nigeria especially in cities like Lagos, Abuja,Port Harcourt and Anambra state.

For some parties and events, DJ’s are as important as the party foods.

They can make or mar an event through their performances.

This is why people seek out for the best DJs for their events.

Also,most DJs for events hire charges money based on the the services they would provide and their equipments like some DJs uses drums and drummer boy.

All these play on how much these DJ charges for events. How professional and expert a DJ is in the disc jockey handling usually form how big they can charge to perform in an events.

Some top DJs or popular DJs will definitely charge most money.

Morestill, the location of your event is another deciding factor on how much DJ charges for your events.

This is because,the logistics cost the DJ will carter for will be much more expensive unlike for a closer location.

The duration of performance is a deciding factor on how much you will pay for DJ to play on your event in Nigeria. Most DJ charges for hours, full day etc.

Cost of Hiring a DJ in Lagos

The demand for DJs in Lagos is usually very high and this affects how much DJ are paid in Lagos for events such as weddings, naming ceremony etc.

The average cost of hiring a DJ in Lagos ranges between N70,000 to N250,000.

The disparity for this DJ hiring cost in Lagos is based on our earlier stated yardsticks for charging in a DJ performance.

Lagos best DJs for events like wedding can charge as high as N500,000.

Some DJ will charge even higher depending on the profile of the event, DJ expertise and duration of performance.

Cost of Hiring DJ in Port Harcourt

Hiring of DJ in Port Harcourt will also cost a bit as the city is highly socialised and engulfed in social activities ranging from wedding, birthday celebrations, house warming etc.

It will cost an average of N50,000 to hire a DJ in Port Harcourt no matter how casual the DJ is.

To to hire a DJ in Port Harcourt, budget N50,000 and above. Best DJs in Port Harcourt can be found in some top clubs houses and radio stations.

These are places to hire best DJs in Port Harcourt for weddings and other social events.

Cost of Hiring DJ in Abuja

The average cost of hiring a DJ in Abuja costs between N60,000 to N100,000.

The federal capital territory is highly known for its social activities and night life.

Most weekends, the city witness numerous social events such as marriages ceremonies, house parties, social clubs parties etc.

This is why the demand for Dj in Abuja is very high. Some DJ hire in Abuja can go as high as N200,000

Cost of Hiring DJ in Anambra

Anambra state is another fertile ground for disc jockey in Nigeria.

This is because week in week out, the state is witnessing many high profile social gatherings and ceremonies raging from weddings to funerals.

At Anambra, hiring a DJ is less expensive and cheaper. It cost an average of N40,000 to hire some of the cheapest DJ within the state.

However, top DJ within Anambra state will definitely charge higher amount and bills to perform at your event.

Some best and finest DJs in Anambra can be found within Awka.


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