Cost of Hiring/Renting Wedding Gowns (2024)

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Wedding Gown

When wedding bell rings, for ladies it time to go get that precious and glamorous wedding gown.

Cost of hiring wedding gowns in Lagos

Wedding gowns is the most expensive wedding and bridal accessories. Wedding gowns are not cheap and that is why they are not common.

It is not bad idea to hire wedding gowns and dress. This is because the price of buying wedding gown when compared to the cost of hiring wedding gown is very wide.

This post is all about cost of renting and hiring wedding dress in Nigeria. After going through this article,you will find how much it cost to hire wedding gown in Nigeria.

Not many people may be aware especially the men that most wedding gowns brides adorn on their big day are hired or rented.

The price of some wedding gowns in Nigeria can be enough to cater for all drinks that is required for wedding reception.

So many couples in Nigeria especially those who could not comfortably afford buying wedding gowns in Nigeria go for hire or rent of wedding gowns in Nigeria.

Because we know that many brides rent their wedding gowns, we have decided through a research to provide our audience the cost of hiring wedding dress in Lagos and across Nigeria.

So, if you seek to find how much wedding gown or dress costs in Nigeria, read this article with attention.

For those who wants to hire or rent wedding dress /gown in Nigeria, in this post you will find how much price it cost to hire wedding gown in Nigeria currently.

Price of Hiring / Renting Wedding Gowns

Hiring wedding gowns gives some brides opportunities to adorn their choice and dream wedding gowns which they may not be in financial position to buy outright.

Also, the expensive cost of wedding gowns and dress in Nigeria has left numerous brides with option of hiring a wedding gown.

The question then is how much is the cost of renting and hiring of wedding gowns.

We focused more on the cost of renting wedding gown in Lagos because the city witnesses the highest number of weddings annually.

Just as obtained in other commodities, price of hiring wedding gowns in Lagos, Nigeria is dependent on the type of wedding gown.

Some wedding gowns go for as high as N50,000 for hire while some other can go for N25,000.

However, in this article, we will be providing the starting price for hiring wedding gown in Lagos and across Nigeria.

Cost of Hiring Wedding Gowns in Lagos

Wedding gowns in Lagos tends to be more expensive when compared across other Nigerian cities and states.

The cost of hiring or renting wedding gowns in Lagos, Nigeria starts from N25,000.

High classic and glamorous wedding gowns can go as high as N50,000 to N100,000 for hire in Lagos and environs.

The price for hiring wedding gowns in Lagos is likely to be close to those of Abuja and Port Harcourt.

Cost of Hiring Wedding Gowns Across Nigeria

Across other Nigerian cities the cost of hiring wedding gowns are way cheaper compared to Lagos.

Across other Nigerian cities like Enugu, Onitsha, Asaba, Benin and Osogbo, the starting price for hiring of wedding gowns is N15,000 to N20,000.

However, other top classic wedding gowns costs more.

Conclusion on Wedding Gowns Costs in Nigeria

Be it rent or full buy, it’s your wedding day, be happy and rejoice. Wedding dress and gowns do not talk about how they came about.

We should try to maintain a financial balance while making plans for events and our big days.

Also, personal relationships and negotiations can lead to drop in price in the cost of hiring or renting wedding gowns.

So, these prices are not automatic and can be negotiated depending on merchants.


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  1. The choice of wedding gown doesn’t determine how sweet the marriage will be,save yourself unnecessary stress and go low on your expenses.

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