Cost of House Rent in Abuja (2022)

Price of House Rents in Abuja

Abuja, the Nigeria capital is one of the most beautiful and populated cities in Nigeria.

Cost of house rent in Abuja

Despite the already high population growth being witnessed in Abuja, many people especially the middle class and low income earners are held back from moving into the city due to high cost of house rents in Abuja.

The cost of renting apartments in Abuja is one of the most expensive in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, Abuja cities is large and has areas carved for different class of people.

So, those planning to settle in Abuja should not be discouraged by high cost of rent in Abuja city as there are areas cut out for different classes of residents and people.

Generally, the cost of rent in Abuja is the highest in Nigeria.

Status of the city might have a role to play in this as Abuja is home of most top politicians and diplomats in Nigeria.

For those planning on moving into to the city, this article on cost of rents in Abuja will help you have an idea and have a good budget of what you might be paying for in accommodation in Abuja.

So this post is geared towards providing the average cost of house rents in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city.

Specifically, cost of renting self contained room, flats and bungalow in Abuja will be contained in this post.

How Much is Cost of House Rent in Abuja

Abuja city can be categorized into high urban areas and mid/low urban centres.

The rent in Abuja is dependent on location of residence, type of apartment and facilities available.

We will be giving you data about price of rent in Abuja based on expensive / high urban areas and low urban areas.

Here is the details about house rent cost in Abuja. The average cost of house rents in Abuja will be talked about below in the write up.

Cost of House Rent in Asokoro, Wuse, Maitama, Gwarinmpa, Garki, Jabi & Durunmi

These districts in Abuja are the most expensive neighborhoods in Abuja.

The cost of rents in these above mentioned districts are some of the most expensive in Nigeria and not just Abuja.

Average cost of renting 3 bedrooms flat in these Abuja districts is N2.5 million per year.

At Wuse, 3 bedrooms apartments rent goes between N2.5 million to N11 million.

If you’re seeking for an accommodation at Maitama Abuja, budget between N5 million to N15 million annually for 3 bedrooms flats.

Cost of rents around Gwarinmpa, Jabi Asokoro is between N3 million to N10.5 million annually.

These areas are regarded as Abuja high urban centers and areas.

Cost of House Rent in Kubwa, Lugbe, Mpape, Nyanya, Utako, Apo & Kaura

These areas are regarded as less expensive neighborhoods in Abuja.

The cost of rents in these areas is not necessarily cheap, however when compared with rents in areas like Wuse 2, & Maitama, they can be termed cheap.

The average cost of house rent in Mpape, Nyanya, Kubwa, Utako and Apo is N1.5 million to N4.5 million for 3 bedrooms apartments annually.

Cheapest flat at Kubwa Abuja is around N1 million per annum.

The cost of renting 2 bedroom flat at Mpape Abuja is around N950,000 per annum.

Also, cost of renting two (2) bedroom flat at Lugbe and Utako is around N750,000 to N1.1 million per year.

Cost of Self Contain Room At Abuja

The cost of renting self contain room at Abuja is dependent on the location.

Self contain rooms at Abuja high urban centres like Wuse, Gwarinmpa, Asokoro and Maitama is between N400,000 to N750,000 per year.

The cost of self contain rooms at Mpape, Nyanya, Apo, Utako and Kubwa is between N300,000 to N500,000 per year.

This areas are considered as less expensive areas in Abuja.

Cost of Single Rooms in Abuja

Single room accommodation are not very popular and predominant in Abuja especially in Abuja high urban centers.

However, single rooms can be found at Abuja areas like Mpape, Apo, Nyanya, Gwagwalada and Kubwa.

The cost of renting single rooms in Abuja is around N85,000 per year and depends on facilities available to residents.


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