Cost of Kidney Transplant in Nigeria (2023)

How Much Does Kidney Transplant Cost in Nigeria

Kidney diseases and alignment is very delicate health concern which if not early detected can required serious treatment and attention.

Cost of Kidney Transplant in Nigeria

Health experts in Nigeria have advised that kidney function test should be done atleast once a year.

This is so as to detect and identify early disorder in the kidney. Kidney treatment and transplant in Nigeria come with huge financial commitment.

How much it cost to perform kidney transplant in Nigeria depends on the general overall treatment that will be involved in the process.

Treatment of kidney diseases in Nigeria is not always cheap especially when the state of that organ has deteriorated.

This post will contain detailed information on the cost of Kidney transplant in Nigeria.

Mild kidney diseases can be treated with ease through medication.

However, acute and more severe kidney problems may requires Kidney transparent.

This process is not cheap both in Nigeria and abroad.

Kidney transplant is medical treatment through surgery which entails replacing a badly damaged or non-funtional kidney with a healthy and functional one.

This process is done through surgery and its cost required significant amount of money.

In this article, we will be providing the cost of Kidney transplant in Nigeria.

This is purely an informational post, for serious kidney problems, medical experts and doctors should be contacted.

Kidney Transplant in Nigeria: Costs, Procedures and Processes

This section of the posts will answer the question of what is the cost of Kidney Transplant in Nigeria.

Kidney diseases is a very severe health concern that if not early and well treated can lead to kidney transplant.

Kidney transplant is a very expensive medical treatment aimed at replacing a bad and non functioning kidney with a good one.

Cost of Kidney Transplant in Nigeria is very expensive. It is not just in Nigeria, kidney transplant is a very expensive kidney treatment.

The costs and price of kidney transplant in Nigeria is determined by certain factors such as clinics, status of donor etc.

Currently, the cost of Kidney transplant in Nigeria is between N5 million to N10 million.

This price of kidney transplant in Nigeria varies depending on the type of transplant and transplant procedures.

Factors That Determines the Cost of Kidney Transplant in Nigeria

Below are some factor that play into determining the costs and price of kidney transplant in Nigeria.

Hospitals & Clinic for Kidney Transplant

The hospital or clinic choice for kidney transplant in Nigeria plays a big factor in the cost of the process.

Government owned hospitals and clinics are always cheaper hospitals for treatment of kidney diseases or kidney transplant in Nigeria.

The cost of Kidney Transplant in private owned hospitals and clinic are much more expensive than government owned.

However, people prefer private clinics for kidney transplant in Nigeria because they believe these private clinics are more efficient. This is one of the things that affects price of kidney transplant in Nigeria.

Pre & Post Kidney Transplant Tests

Before kidney transplant, medical tests and examinations are carried out to determine compatibility of donor and patients.

Also, pre tests are done to determine if the donor is fit to undergo the process this is in a situation where the donor is a living donor. Also post tests are done to see how well and successful the process is going.

All these tests are paid for. If the donor is a living donor, it’s obvious that more tests will be done both before and after kidney transplant for both donor and patients and these will be more expensive.

Status of Donor

Kidney transplant involving a living donor is likely to be expensive when compared to deceased donor.

However, the type of donor will be based highly on advice of medical doctors.

Risks & Complications of Kidney Transplant

There some likely complications that may arise from kidney transplant. However, all these complications are not general to all kidney transplant patient.

According to medical experts, some of these complications will go away within a short period. Some of the risks of kidney transplant are.

Acute Rejection

This is one of the risks of kidney transplant which happens when body system works against the donated kidney. Reacting to the donated kidney as miss match.


After Kidney transplant, some infections can be noticed like cold, flu and urinary tract infection. These infections can be managed and treated with easy by the doctors.

Urine leakage

This sometimes occurs after a kidney transplant. This occurs early months after the transplants and can be treated through surgery.

Other Effects of Kidney Transplant

  • High blood pressure
  • Blocked ureter
  • Narrowing of an artery
  • Blood clots

Best Hospitals For Kidney Transplant in Lagos

St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos is rated one of the best hospitals for kidney Transplant in Lagos, Nigeria.

The hospital undertakes dialysis in Lagos state. It is one of the first private clinics to perform kidney transplant in Nigeria.


This is purely informational post. Any discomfort or disorder in the kidney or other parts of the body should be reported to medical doctor immediately for examination and treatment.


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