Cost of Moving to UK From Nigeria as A Student

Annually, many students from Nigeria move to the UK on study visa. This is not surprising as UK is one of the world’s top study destinations for international students including Nigeria’s students.

Statistics has shown that over 80% of Nigeria Students moving to United Kingdom are graduate students who are pursuing either MBA,M.Sc or Ph.D.

While the process obtaining student’s visa to move from Nigeria to UK for studies is very easy and straight forward, same can’t be said about the cost.

Many Nigeria students with intention of moving to UK on students visa are challenged by finance as the amount of money required to process UK student’s visa from Nigeria is very high.

It takes a lot of financial strength to migrate from Nigeria to UK as a student. Nevertheless,many Nigerian students both from rich and average families still do.

Planning is very crucial for those who wants to engage in abroad studies especially finding the cost of all expenses for moving to UK from Nigeria as student.

In this article, we will review the cost of moving from Nigeria to UK as student. This will give prospective students the estimate budget of how much will be needed to move to UK from Nigeria for either M.Sc, MBA or Ph.D programs.

Here are the major documentations and things you will be spending money on for your student visa to move from Nigeria to the UK.

These are the major cost and expenses to travel from Nigeria to the United Kingdom for studies.

  • International Passport
  • Language Proficiency Test
  • Tuberculosis Test Result
  • Tuition Fee
  • Proof of Study Funds
  • Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)
  • Student Visa

The above are major requirements of what students from Nigeria who wants to study in UK must meet up with and spend on as well.

All these requirements cost money and so our estimates for these could help you plan and know how much that is needed or enough to move from Nigeria to UK as a student.

International Passport ( Nigerian Passport)

This is one of the preliminary requirements you should get if you plan to travel not just to UK but outside Nigeria.

It is the number one on our list because even in your search for admission,some universities will require your passport page or number.

So it is one of the documents that form part of the overall cost of traveling from Nigeria to UK as a student.

It contains your bio data and shows that your a bonafide citizen of Nigeria recognised by the government.

How Much is Nigerian International Passport?

There is hardly a specific cost of getting international passport in Nigeria as location and channels used determines how much people pay in Nigeria for Nigeria international passport.

Nevertheless, the cost of an international passport, depending on the number of pages, includes the following:

  • 32-page five-year official passport = ₦15,000
    32-page five-year standard passport = ₦25,000
    64-page five-year standard passport = ₦35,000
    64-page 10-year standard passport = ₦70,000

How Much is Needed for Proof of Study Funds for UK Studies

It is part of the major requirements that Nigerians who wish to move to the UK to study must present evidence of having enough funds to cater for their study programs and upkeep while in UK.

It is to show that you are financially capable of sustaining yourself after you move to the UK and before you get a job if you wish.

The amount of money to prove depends on your course duration, where you study (London or outside London), as well as study program.

publication from major immigration agents shows that If you study in London, you should have at least €1265 per month for nine (9) months, and for your dependents, €845.

If you are staying outside London, you should have at least €1015 per month for nine (9) months and, for your dependents, €680.

Hence some student will need to present proof of funds in excess of above N10 million depending on above listed factors.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee is one of the most important financial aspects of the cost of moving to UK from Nigeria for studies.

Tuition fee varies and is determined by school, programs and duration of course. In as much as the entire tuition in most cases are not paid at once, you need to pay a part of the tuition known as deposit to be able to obtain your acceptance offer of admission or CAS.

Inotherwords, you will be paying a part of your tuition fee from Nigeria before moving to UK. So, you need to have atleast 30% to 50% of your first year tuition ready.

Language Proficiency Test for UK Studies

This is not major requirements as some schools in UK and program of study may not demand for proof of English language Proficiency especially from international students from Nigeria.

However,if your school requires this, then you will be writing this test in Nigeria as the cost of between ₦76000 – ₦85,000 in Nigeria.

This is how much major Language proficiency test such as IELTS, TOEFL cost in Nigeria.

Tuberculosis Test Result for UK Student’s Visa

What is the Cost of the Tuberculosis Test for a UK Student Visa in Nigeria?

This is another requirements for travelling to UK from Nigeria on students visa which cost money too.

If your visa to UK exceeds six (6) months, then you re required to do tuberculosis test at designated hospitals in Lagos or Abuja.

The Tuberculosis Test costs about ₦57,800 and this another expenses which the prospective student will shoulder.

How Much is Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) for Students Moving to UK From Nigeria?

This is money paid to cover your healthcare within the duration of your studies. The amount paid as health surcharge varies and depends on your duration of study.If you stay for 6-12 months, you must pay €470.

If you stay for an additional period of fewer than six (6) months, you must pay €235.

Also, if  you stay in the UK for fourteen (14) months, you would pay €705.

Cost of a UK Student Visa in Nigeria

There is an amount of money paid to have your entire UK student’s visa processed and handled by the UK Embassy.

This is the cost of your UK Visa. Also, if you will be traveling with a dependents such as wife, sister,brother, children, then you will be paying more for the cost of visa as well as proof of funds.

United Kingdom student visa costs about €348. Also, You would also have to pay ₦50,000 for your visa to be processed at the Embassy.

It can be paid physically at the Embassy, online or through a bank transfer.

Cost of Student Accommodation in the UK as International Student

The cost of students accommodation in UK depends on the type of apartment a student chooses for him or herself.

However the following types of apartment are mostly used for accommodation by students in UK and here is their estimate cost of these students accommodation for UK international students.

University Halls of Residence: These are typically the cheapest option for student accommodation in the UK, with prices ranging from around £70 to £200 per week, depending on the location and amenities.

Shared Accommodation: Sharing a flat or house with other students is a popular option and can be more affordable than living alone. Prices for shared accommodation can range from around £80 to £200 per week, depending on the location, size of the property, and the number of tenants.

Private Halls of Residence: These are privately owned student accommodation buildings that often offer more amenities than university halls of residence, such as gyms, study rooms, and social spaces. Prices for private residence halls can range from around £100 to £300 per week, depending on the location and amenities.

Studio Apartments: These are what we know as  self-contained apartments with their own kitchen and bathroom facilities. Prices for studio apartments can range from around £150 to £400 per week, depending on the location and amenities.

End Note on Moving From Nigeria to UK as A Student – Total Expenses

It is imperative to state that these are estimates as factors such as location,city, amenities can influence the cost of these students accommodation for international students in UK.

The best budget for moving from Nigeria to the UK as student should be surplus budget as things can change quickly especially for those traveling to top cities such as London, Manchester etc.

All prices stated in this post are estimates, hence it is advisable to research further and have enough funds especially for those moving with dependents from Nigeria to UK as a student.


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