Cost of MSc in Nigeria (2024)

How Much Does It Cost To Do MSc in Nigeria? 

This article will focus on the average cost Master’s Degree Programmes in Nigeria.

Cost of MSc in Nigeria

Tertiary education in Nigeria is one of the cheapest in the world.

Morestill Postgraduate programmes like MSc and PhD cost in Nigeria universities is considerably cheap compared to other parts of the world.

In this post, how much it will cost to do an MSc programme in Nigeria university will be talked about.

Getting an MSc degree is very important especially for those who want to build career in academics in Nigeria.

Majority of Nigeria University Commission (NUC) approved universities in Nigeria undertake postgraduate programmes of which Master’s degree programme is one of them.

Annually many Nigerians students enroll into Master’s degree programmes both here in Nigeria and abroad.

While few enroll in universities abroad for their MSc programmes, majority of Nigerian students enroll into Nigeria universities for their masters degree programmes.

In this write up, we will be discussing the cost of doing Master’s degree programme in Nigeria.

Also to be talked about in this article is how long MSc lasts in Nigeria university.

This blog post is aimed at aiding students who wants to enroll into MSc programmes in Nigeria budget well by having knowledge of the average cost of MSc in Nigeria currently.

How Much is Cost of MSc in Nigeria

The cost of MSc in Nigeria is highly based on the type of university student is willing to attend.

The cost of MSc in Nigeria federal university will cost between N500,000 to N800,000.

This will include both school fees for the Master’s degree programme, textbook, dues and hostel accommodations as well as dissertation defense fees.

The cost of Msc in a state government universities in Nigeria will cost between N700,000 to N800,000.

This covers all the expenses for Master’s degree programme in state university in Nigeria.

The cost of MSc in private universities in Nigeria will cost between N800,000 to N1 million.

This will cover the cost of tuition, accommodation, textbook / reading materials, dues and dissertation defense.

How Long Does MSc Last in Nigeria

How Many years is MSc in Nigeria or how many months does MSc last in Nigeria will be talked about in this segment of the article.

The duration of Master’s degree programme in Nigeria is 18 calendar months.

This is how long MSc programme lasts in Nigeria.

However, some universities can stretched the programme beyond 18 months as result of shortage of staff, strike actions etc.

But 18 months is the official duration approved by NUC that MSc programmes is slated to last in Nigeria.

Most universities in Nigeria adhere to the 18 months calender for master’s degree programmes.

However, in the event student is unable to meet up with his or her course work or dissertation within the 18 months, they are also bound to stay beyond the stipulated duration of MSc in Nigeria.

Universities That Accept HND For MSc

Often people seek to find if it is possible for HND graduates to enroll directly into MSc programmes.

No university in Nigeria accept HND for MSc programmes directly without Postgraduate diploma (PGD).

So, HND graduates willing to do MSc in Nigeria must undertake PGD Programme to qualify for MSc programme in Nigeria.

This is the standard by the Nigeria University Commission (NUC).

How Long PGD Last in Nigeria University

The duration of Postgraduate Diploma programme popularly called PGD in Nigeria is 12 calender months.

During this duration of 12 months of PGD Programme in Nigeria, the student is expected to have concluded both his/her course work as well as dissertation.

So, Postgraduate diploma in Nigeria last for 12 calender months.


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