Cost of Painting / Repainting of Cars in Nigeria (2024)

How Much Does It Cost To Paint Car in Nigeria

Be it car painting, repainting or ovenbake in Nigeria, it cost an average of N100,000 to paint or repaint car in Nigeria.

Car painting cost in Nigeria

Painting and spraying a car is normal and popular in automobile community and in circles of car users.

Repainting of cars has a way of giving an aging car / vehicle its initial good looks.

It is also part of car maintenance as vehicles should be given a new and clean look especially when they are wearing poor looks.

We considered it important to talk about price of car painting in Nigeria as we do know that it is a very popular practice among vehicles users in Nigeria.

As result of poverty and inadequate production, many Nigerians engage in a long use of car and vehicles.

Because of this, from time to time, car repainting and spray becomes inevitable.

In this post will discussing the cost of repainting and painting of car, vehicles in Nigeria.

Also, in this post, a review of cost of car oven bake in Nigeria will be discussed.

This helps you to budget adequately by knowing how much it cost to paint or repaint cars in Nigeria.

Vehicles Repainting & Spraying Costs in Nigeria: Price for Painting Vehicles in Nigeria

Cost of vehicle painting in Nigeria is dependent on the type of car paint to be applied, equipment to be used and expert offering the service.

Most advanced car spray and painting outlets charge high prices and amounts for vehicle painting, spray and car baking in Nigeria.

However, less advanced vehicles painters can be found at all corners of most Nigerian cities.

These car painters can charger between N30,000 to N50,000 for car painting and spray in Nigeria.

The cost of car/vehicles painting and spray in advanced car painting outlets in Nigeria will range between N100,000 N200,000.

So the choice is for the vehicle users and also base on their budget.

The fact is that vehicle and car painting, repainting annd spray in Nigeria is currently expensive and not what it use to be.

Also, it is important to note that the cost for painting cars is also determined by the size of the vehicle.

For instance vehicles of big sizes like big SUVs, Buses, family cars might cost higher price for painting compared to smaller sized cars as.

This is because some reasons like volume of paint to be used and time or hours of labour.

More On Car/Vehicle Painting & Repainting in Nigeria

These are some factors to be put into consideration before taking your car for painting or spray in Nigeria.

Paint Only When Body is In Perfect Condition

It is best to paint or repaint your car or vehicles when they are devoid of rusts or broken body.

It is important that body work are neatly done before painting or repainting job is done.

Prioritize Patronizing Mechanized Car Painters

There is no need overlabouring an obvious that patronizing advanced and mechanising car painting and spray outlets.

These professionals through use of machines give the best car painting in Nigeria.

Budget Still Important in Vehicles Painting

Deciding the best vehicle painting outlets to use or either to use less mechanized car painters in Nigeria is down to budget.

Despite all odds, there still exist some road side car painters and sprayers who are good at what they do and their service cost friendly too.

End Note on Cost of Painting or Repainting Cars in Nigeria

How much it cost to paint or repaint cars in Nigeria at the end is largely decided by the car oven bake companies and industries in Nigeria

However, the above stated prices for spraying and painting cars in Nigeria is the average cost price of getting your cars painted across Nigeria.

So, the cost of repainting or painting cars in Nigeria varies from different car painting and repainting outlets as well as car painters in Nigeria.


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