Cost of Printing Banners in Nigeria

Banners printing prices and cost in Nigeria is largely based on the size of the banners.

Printing of banners is very popular in Nigeria and has generated so much job opportunities for those in the printing sector.

From time to time, need arises to print banners and this has led to many people asking questions about how much is the cost of printing banners in Nigeria.

It is almost impossible to pin the cost of banner printing in Nigeria. This is because, price of printing banners is largely influenced by the printers.

However, their is price range you can expect your banner printing to cost especially when you are printing a banner of specific sizes.

Banners printing had become heavily popularized as result of it’s heavy use for publicity during funerals, weddings, conferences, Church programs, festivals etc.

More than half of banners printed in Nigeria are used for either of the reasons stated above. The demand is high and the price isn’t too cheap especially for banners of larger sizes.

But generally, for medium and small sized banners, their price of printing them is cheap.

How Much is the Cost Printing Banners in Nigeria?

As stated earlier in the post, the cost of banner printing in Nigeria is majorly down to the size of the banner.

Inotherwords, the larger the banner, the bigger the price. Here is different banner sizes and their estimate prices for printing banners in Nigeria.

Banners Sizes & Estimate Printing Prices
  • 2ft x 1ft ₦1000 – ₦1500
  • 2ft x 2ft ₦2000 – ₦2800
  • 2ft x 3ft ₦2500 – ₦3000
  • 3ft x 3ft ₦2800 – ₦3500
  • 3ft x 4ft ₦2500 – ₦3500
  • 2ft x 4ft ₦2200 – ₦2700
  • 2ft x 5ft ₦2800 – ₦3800
  • 3ft x 5ft ₦4000 – ₦4500
  • 3ft x 6ft ₦5000 – ₦5900
  • 3ft x 7ft ₦5000 – ₦7000
  • 5ft x 8ft ₦7500 – ₦8000
  • 10ft x 3ft ₦6000 – ₦6500
  • 10ft x 8ft ₦16,000 – ₦18,500

The above are different banner sizes and estimate price of printing these banners.

From the above chart, you can see that the cost of printing large size banner starts from around ₦8000 to ₦18,500.

Cost of Printing Standing / Roll Up Banners in Nigeria

Also, another type of banner printing that is very popular is the standing banner or roll up banners.

This type of banner are mostly used for funerals, weddings, birthday celebration. It is a very popular type of banner printing that is highly engaged into in Nigeria.

Standing and roll up banner are usually of same size both in length and width. It is customised banner which placed within the venues of an event.

From our survey, the cost of printing standing banners ranges between ₦30,000 to ₦35,000.

The above analysis have given you an idea on how much it will cost to print banners for either funerals, weddings and other events.

So, budget adequately with our banner printing prices to be able to get the best printing experience.

Sometime, printer may charge extra money for designing of the banner which may not be included in the overall how much it will cost to print the banner.

So, you will also need to have extra budget in the event they demand for money for designing.

Also, the stated banner printing cost in Nigeria is for single banner.

If you are printing multiple banners, you would pay for the number, however it could be negotiated down to a good price because of the multiple banners being printed.


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