Cost of Printing Posters & Flyers in Nigeria (2024)

Printing of posters and flyers are very popular ways of publicity in Nigeria.

Cost of printing posters & Flyers in Nigeria

From time to time, people do engage in either of the two, print posters or print flyers.

While printing of posters in Nigeria is most prevalent, flyers has became popular in recent times.

Posters can be printed for numerous purposes such as electioneering campaigns, funeral announcements, movies adverts and academic adverts.

Flyers on other hand is mostly limited to promotional purposes.

Either from companies, firms and churches. Printing of posters and flyers is a good business in Nigeria.

This is because of constant and steady need for the service.

In this article, we will be discussing the cost of printing of posters and flyers in Nigeria.

That the average price for posters & flyers printing in Nigeria.

As expected, printing of posters and flyers in Lagos is on the highest level when compared to other parts of Nigeria.

So, cost of printing flyers & posters in Lagos, Abuja & Port Harcourt are some of the boundaries of this post.

Also, this article will cover the average cost of printing posters and flyers in Nigeria.

Cost of Printing Posters in Nigeria

Posters comes in different sizes and paper type too.

These are some of the factors that determines the price for printing posters in Nigeria.

Most posters in Nigeria comes either in A3 or A2 paper size.

These are two major paper type used in printing posters in Nigeria.

The cost of printing A2 paper size poster is most expensive because A2 paper is large in size compared to A3 paper size.

Posters are printed in bulk and round numbers of 50, 100, 150, 200 etc.

Average cost of printing 100 pieces of A2 paper size posters in Nigeria cost between N29,000 to N34,000.

Also, cost of printing 100 pieces of A3 paper posters in Nigeria cost price of between N20,000 to N25,000.

It is important to note that the price for printing these posters will increase with the increase in quantity of the posters.

Also, the quality of paper type can also shoot up the price of printing posters.

Both size and quality of paper are the two major determinants of the cost of printing posters in Nigeria.

Cost of Printing Flyers in Nigeria

The business of printing flyers is hot in Nigeria because people has seen effectiveness of using flyers for publicity in Nigeria.

Just like in cost of printing posters, printing of flyers and its costs is largely determined by the size of flyers as well as the quality of paper used for the flyer printing.

Printing of flyers in Lagos happens almost on daily basis.

The cost of printing flyers is also determined by the number of sides.

Unlike posters, flyers can be printed on both sides of the paper.

So single sided flyers are cheaper to print than double sided flyers.

Most flyers comes in A4 paper size. However smaller ones like A5 can also be obtainable.

Average cost of printing 200 pieces of one side A5 flyers in Nigeria is between N10,000 to N13,000.

Also, printing double sided A5 flyers of around 200 pieces cost an average of N15,000.

This is just cost of printing 200 pieces of double sided A4 flyers cost around N20,000.

The increase in number of flyers to be printed will also increase the amount or cost of printing the flyers just as reduced number will also lead to reduction in the price of printing flyers in Nigeria.

However, flyers are printed on round numbers of 50, 100, 200, 500 etc.

This is much we can take on the cost of printing posters and flyers in Nigeria for now.


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